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Dude Pimp My Juicer

First a little background.  For all the grandparents reading this, "pimp" means trick out, or soup up, not errr.... well, you know.  Rachel borrowed a juicer from a friend of ours.  Very kind of her, but the juicer had a broken part that was about to give way.

Forever in search of broken equipment in need of repair, I set out to solve the problem with my trusty side-kick, Jude.  Here's the result:  A broken plastic clasp that is now steel reinforced.  Can we say, "testosterone" anyone?

I sent the picture to our friend Mindy (the owner of said juicer), who jokingly said, "Great, but I was hoping to have some flames painted on it."  Did I mention I love a challenge?

Initially Mindy thought I was just really good with photoshop.  I'm now pleased to report that  Mindy and her tricked out juicer are happily reunited.  So, send me your worn out juicers, your broken vacuum cleaners, and about $50 for shipping and handling and you too will be the proud owner of a pimped out appliance.


  1. Hey!!! pretty cool, do you think you used enough screws on that piece? I hope it holds.
    Pretty fancy and professional graphics;-).

  2. very cool!!!!! my blender is headed your way...

  3. HILARIOUS!!!! I might be sending you my broken vacuum cleaner.


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