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It was 70 degrees this morning and breezy so we met some friends for a playdate at the park.  We were all thrilled to finally have some cooler weather!  Take note of how we dress here in Texas when the weather is in the 70s! 

The kids played on their bikes.  

I wanted Jude to wear his tennis shoes, but he insisted upon wearing his rain boots. Within the first ten minutes, he decided that next time he'd wear shoes. Ah, the power of natural consequences.

Indi likes to hang like a limp noodle from the swing.

Indi also decided to take a spin on our friend Aidan's scooter. I love how her pony sticks out from under the helmet.

The boys had a blast playing with sidewalk chalk, which gave us mamas a chance to talk. Another hallelujah!


  1. you are so funny with your hoodies in 70 degree weather! so glad you had a chance to hang out with another mama...priceless!

  2. OK, that is really funny to see you all bundled up for the sunshine! = ) from your friend in Montana, where it's a balmy 59 degrees.


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