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Indi's Fall Look

I'd like to put in this plug for Crazy 8 kids' clothes. It a Gymboree line, with Gymboree quality but low prices. They keep costs low by not having as many add-ons as Gymboree. The dresses don't come with bloomers, the pants don't always have adjustable waist bands, and they don't do embroidery. But the clothes are super cute. Here's an outfit I got for Indi today -- for around $20 total!


  1. Adorable with a capital A!!!
    Look at her smile! I would say she likes the outfit too!
    I have not heard of that line, but I do like Gymboree store, just not the huge prices. LOL I hope this line finds its way into the Illinois stores too! :)
    Lisa C.
    P.S. I did find a Gymboree outlet in the Outlet Mall about an hour was pure bliss!

  2. Diggin' the outfit, the robeez,and the great park pics!

    I love Gymboree. I was sad when Hannah out grew them.


  3. I am LOVING it!! Never heard of this brand...will have to check it out! I am also a huge fan of Gymboree but only when they have sales as I don't like the prices. Indi is so cute in the picture...she knows she is looking cute!

  4. she has the best smile!!! love the new fall look!

  5. That is SO SWEET!!! The beret hat is the best!!


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