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love the skin you're in

on tuesday i went in for my yearly mole check and wanted to post a reminder for those of you who are due for yours to go and do the same.  dan and i know of two people with melanoma, one was diagnosed in her late 20s, the other recently had his melanoma metastasize. the nurse practitioner i saw said that early detection is KEY and can be LIFE SAVING!  i would also like to post this link from the American Academy of Dermatology called the ABCDs of melanoma detection so you can keep an eye on your moles yourself.  the nurse practitioner told me that almost every time she finds melanoma, the patient was in for something else.  pick up the phone and schedule your appt today. here ends my lecture.  :)


  1. And what a lovely lecture it was!



  2. Good advice Rachel. Thanks for the reminder! Sarah = )

  3. yes, great reminder! i have had about 6 moles removed and tested...hurts but is worth it!

  4. Great lecture! My mother died of melanoma when I was 11. Mole checks are quick, painless, and so, so important!



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