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Let the good times roll...

Yesterday was swimming, today was bowling.  

Here's Dan striking a pose.  

Dan and Jude got the same score (93) but Jude had bumpers and Dan's help.

While Dan was helping Jude. Indi and I had some spare time to hang out.

But then Indi decided she needed to get in on the action.

And was proud of herself indeed!

All in all, we had a ball!


  1. fun....and you were so clever with all of your bowling words!!

    love the popsicle recipe...any chance you have those non-toxic plastic popsicle molds? and, if so, where did you get them?

    i'm going to join you on the 30 day encouragement challenge! i'll print off the doc after M wkaes up....looks edifying!!!

  2. i have the tovolo molds and i've read in some places that they are non-toxic but i don't know for sure. we are almost completely plastic-free so i don't worry too much about it. i also worry more about plastic when it is subjected to heat as it seems to leech more then. here's one link i found about it which discusses both tovolo and silicone products which may be safer? i wasn't googling tovolo specifically, but several sites list them as safe when i type in "non-toxic popsicle molds". maybe i'll email tovolo and let you know.

  3. OK..Could Indie look any MORE like you? IIIIIIII don't think So!

    Sorry I am just now catching up..I have been selfish and pre-occupied.

    Bowling Looks like fun!

    Stacy and I use to LOVE to bowl...You know before we had kids and could drink beer while we did it. I think it was in ....96' :0) Very Cool!

    I am lovin' me some Rachel!


  4. Adorable!!

    Indie clapping her hands at the end... priceless!! Love the pictures Rachel!


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