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To my fellow yogis...

Last Friday I went to rock 'n roll yoga (yoga set to modern music) with my uber-cool friend, Mindy.  Some of us (me included) were struggling to maintain Half-Moon Pose.

The instructor decided to have us all line up against the wall and practice using the wall as support. I was amazed at how open and stable I was able to be in this position. She said it was a great way to practice Half-Moon at home. You can also practice against a counter.

I thought this tip was so helpful that I had to pass it along!

Tonight when I got home from yoga, Indi said, "Hi Mommy!  How goin'?" I was amazed.  The girl's a big talker.  Who in the world did she get that from??!!  


  1. i wish i was disciplined in getting the exercise i need...good for you!!! indi is so precious!

  2. Rock & Roll YOGA! Now that sounds great. Traditional yoga music makes me want to go to sleep.
    Unless it is a Rodney Yee know~ cause he's just hot! :)
    Oh ,I really need to get back into this. It really is fun and it tones like nobody's business.
    Glad you have a buddy to do this with. That always makes it more fun.


  3. You are so cool! I love the idea of Rock & Roll yoga! Too fun.

  4. I want to try that yoga!! That sounds right up my alley. :)

    So hilarious on Indi... "how goin'"???? Hahaha!!


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