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Our Poor Cupcake Deprived Children

Yesterday the kids and I went out to lunch at this cute little cafe/bakery near Jude's school. They had these delicious-looking cupcakes similar to the one pictured above, so we decided to each have one for dessert. When we got in the car Jude said:
Mama, let's call Daddy and tell him that we had cupcakes. 
Me:  Okay.
Jude:  Except... he's going to be SO CONFUSED.
Me: Really? Why?
Jude: Because he going to think it's one of our birthdays. But it's not.

I realized he was right. They had never had cupcakes except on someone's birthday.

Then, this morning, Jude said, "Mommy, remember yesterday how we got to have a cupcake???!!!!"  It was a BIG deal to him. I guess it's good he takes pleasure in the small things... 


  1. Oh Rachel, didya have to put such a scrumptious looking chocolatey cupcake on for all to see? ( and want!! ) LOL
    I LOVE that he savors the little things in life....its a wonderful way to be! :)
    Lisa C.

  2. yeah, doesn't it look so good?! it made me seriously crave some chocolate! jude and i just made brownies and they are baking as i type! can't wait...

  3. ah, that was cute that he thought his dad would be confused!!! around here we have cupcakes for breakfast every day....just kidding!


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