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Heaven on Earth

We made it!  We traveled for 20 hours and the kids did great!  We don't know who invented portable DVD players, but we love those guys!  Here's Indi cozying up with Jude on the plane.

We are so happy with the house where we are staying. Thanks to a friend of mine at work (thanks Jeff C.!) who found this place for us, we had a few nice looking homes to choose from on line. You never know if pictures you see in the brochure make it look much better than it actually is. However, in this case, the pictures didn't do it justice. The house is secluded with amazing views from every room. Plus, it's about half of what we would pay at a tourist trap hotel and we have a great kitchen for cooking which beats going out for every meal. Here are some of the views.

Here is what we were greeted with this morning.

If you're not inclined to bring your kids, this picture should convince you otherwise.

The outdoor shower to keep the sand out of the house...don't get too excited boys, she's wearing a swimming suit.


  1. It looks like you found a beautiful place!

  2. Are you kiddin me????? That looks AWESOME!!!! I am totally jealous. Enjoy! Sarah

  3. how beautiful! glad to see you're having a spectacular time!
    We go home on Monday . . . . back to reality! :)

  4. Wow - it looks like you are having a great time and everything is so beautiful.


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