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This Ain't Gilligan's Island

The house where we're staying is perched on the edge of some cliffs that overlook a beautiful green valley, where some waterfalls are. You have to climb down the steep cliffs into the valley to see the biggest waterfall, which we set out to do today.

To get there we expected a stroll on a path like this:

Instead we encountered this:

Which required this:

A little of this:

And some of that:

Thankfully, I had an extremely hot hiking partner with whom I could share this adventure.  

Finally, a rare product endorsement. The World Best hiking shoes.  Where have your Vibram Five Finger Shoes been?


  1. FUN, Fun, Fun!
    Take LOTS fo pictures.
    I'll check them out next month over coffee! :)
    Ya'll have fun.


  2. I've taken hikes like that (lots of surprises) So worth it though huh? I'm glad you guys had some one-on-one time. Beautiful waterfalls!


  3. WHAT are THOSE??? I have never in my life seen hiking shoes that looked like that!!! They are seriously the best???

    What a gorgeous place. You guys are truly in paradise!

  4. Thanks for posting on the AA Yahoo group. These photos are gorgeous. I love all the scenery! I look forward to getting to know you better. I will add you to my blog roll. Blessings,



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