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Advent Conspiracy

When Dan and I lived in Madison, we attended this amazing church called Blackhawk.  Sometimes I want to move back to Madison just to be able to attend this church and be a part of their church community.  I was on their website downloading a sermon and saw that they had joined other local churches on something called Advent Conspiracy.  Be ready to be both inspired and convicted...  at least I was.

Here's the Advent Conspiracy Promo Video:

Here's Blackhawk's Advent Conspiracy Video encouraging people to spend LESS and worship MORE.


  1. My husband should watch these videos-it's sad, but he doesn't really like Christmas at all b/c of all the sensationalism of buying buying buying! It's true, you do get so stressed out over the HOliday's b/c you're running around and buying so much and preparing for Christmas.
    It stilll is my favorite holiday . . . i just need to look at it in a different light-i think we all do!

  2. yes, i have seen that before....and i have been meaning to re-post it, so i'm glad that you did!

    what are your plans to get away from commercialism this Christmas? i think that M will get one gift this year and some stocking stuff, but even atthat i want to downplay the presents and focus on Christ. i'm going to go look now at advent stuff online...thanks for posting this...


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