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Christmas Rox!

My parents have a little beef farm.  Some of their cattle are very friendly.  They love to be scratched and beg for attention by rubbing up against you.  Not all are this friendly, but some are.  There's one cow, Rox, who is extremely friendly, so my mom's been working with her in hopes that the kids will be able to ride on her at Christmas time.  Here's a photo of Rox.  My mom said Rox didn't even notice the hat, but Jude sure did - he thought it was hilarious!


  1. Ohhhhh, i love cows-especially when they mooooooooo! Is this a cattle farm just to have cattle, or is it to raise cattle for food? Just curious.

    I love animals and would love to live on a farm! ;)

  2. yeah, it is to raise beef -- somewhat. they sell some of the animals to other famers and also raise some for beef. but the animals are humanely treated (read: totally babied), so they have a great life. we are actually trying to find a local farmer here so that we can get meat where the animals have been treated humanely.

  3. rox is so cute!!! i used to live on a farm with a couple of cows...they are so sweet! BTW, you shoudl post a photo of the kids with gus!!!

  4. I. LOVE. COWS.!!!!

    And I love Rox in that hat! Can I adopt her??? Can I tie her up in the yard and she can eat our grass


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