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It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I love Christmas. Someone in our neighborhood put up an amazing display of Christmas lights and that was the only nudge I needed to start putting up Christmas decorations. I think, traditionally, you are supposed to wait until after Thanksgiving, right?! But since we will be traveling for the Christmas holiday and leave on Dec 20, I want a lot of time to enjoy our decorations.

Dan started putting up the lights. I will post a picture of the final product when they are all hung, but here's one of him getting started.

Jude has been so excited to get involved this year in our Christmas decorating. He really wanted to "help" with lights, which he did until Dan had to go up on the ladder.  Then he played around in the yard. Dan made him this "Gas Station"... another box toy. I thought it was pretty ingenious and Jude loves it!

While they were working outside, I decorated the mantle and set up my nativity. My grandmother has given me a new nativity piece each year for Christmas.

A friend of mine (the one who gave Indi the shoes) gave Indi some new winter clothes and some bows. Indi has never worn bows in her hair until now, but I gotta admit, I found the bow to look pretty darling.  This entire outfit is from my friend.  

Jude and Indi get to watch a short DVD in the morning while I work around the kitchen.  Jude loves when Indi sits in his lap. I snapped this picture today.

Dan ran a half marathon this morning and did GREAT! However, I am waiting on some pictures so I will post more about this later.


  1. Christmas decorations-whoa you are motivated! :) Christmas is my favorite time too. I love the music and decorations! Looks very nice! And, i love the gas station box-my son would loveeee that one! He's very creative.

    Congrats to Dan on running the 1/2 marathon-that's great!

    I love that Indi likes to sit on her brothers lap-too cute! Kaiya and Graham like to sit right next to each other on the large couch while watching their videos.


  2. Rachel, I think your mantle is lovely and the nativity set with the tradition of your Grandmother giving you a new piece each year is even lovelier. What a touching tradition.
    I have a little one here too that is so anxious to have our decorations up! I have resisted as we have some out of town guests coming this weekend for an early Thanksgiving, but we have been playing our carols and doing some holidays crafts already! LOL
    The gas station is so clever and Indi is so sweet in a bow!!
    Enjoy all the decorating...I think any time you feel like putting them up is the right time!!
    Lisa C. :)

  3. It is begining to look a lot like Christmas! :-) Enjoy!

    Lovew the gas station idea!

  4. Love the mantel! And how cute is Indi in her little fleece??!!!! So cuddly. Love that last shot.

  5. Indi is so very sweet. We are pulling the Christmas boxes out next weekend. We would have done it this weekend but dh was gone. Congrats on Dan running the 1/2 marathon! Way to go!

  6. so much to say...

    1. gas station toy...INGENIOUS!
    2. and he runs 1/2 marathons? amazing!
    3. nativity set...what a treasure to hav ethat from your grandmother!
    4. indi would be adorable in anything you put her in, but she looks especially precious in that outfit with bow!
    5. seeing your kids together sure makes me want a sib for M.

  7. Wow you are really on it! It looks so nice and warm there! That cracks me up! Good for you for spreading the cheer. Sarah = )

    We are flying in next Tues night. What does your Wednesday AM look like?



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