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Half-Marathon Part II - by Dan

I woke up this morning (race-day + 2) and my calves were still sore.  Being 40 sucks.

Then I found out that the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry (who has to be in his 50's) ran the half in 1:45.  Either that or he had a body double.  Maybe if I were a politician I'd be faster.   At any rate, here is the only picture that proves I was there.  

I ran with a friend of mine, Chris V.  This 26 year old spring chicken thought he was going to kick my butt.  Turns out it was a classic tortoise and the hare race.  Old guy won (disclaimer - Chris hurt his knee pretty badly and still finished in a respectable time).

Chris, if you're reading this, I know that next year I'll have to pay for that comment.


  1. Very impressed here! :)
    & loved the pictures from memory sweet!
    Lisa C.

  2. Way to go Dan! a great accomplishment, indeed!

  3. Ok...So let me get this straight...You just ran for NO reason? No one was chasing you....there was no fire....New Kids On The Block weren't signing autographs...and you were not getting just ran?!
    Hmmmmm....Sounds like something a CRAZY 40 year old would do. Not that I would know...I'm only 25.:)


    I'm really proud of you.
    You know 40 is the new 30.
    I'd love to run in a marathon, but I am afraid that I would have to go to the bathroom, thus screwing up my time.


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