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Now where do you live again?

Every once in awhile Rachel and I will joke that the other people we know through blogging are really just part of a giant Nigerian cyber-crime ring and we're getting scammed somehow.

Finally, proof that there are real (and really cool) people on the other side of the keyboard!  We met up with Stacy and Andrea (pronounced -- now get it right people -- ahn-drea) who were in town from Mississippi to see a concert.  A quick brunch turned into 3 1/2 hours of alternatively laughing at Andrea's stories about raising a brood of 5 and us saying things like, "no really, how do you get kids to stay in their own beds?"

Somehow during the conversation I heard (I swear) them say something about Tennessee and the ensuing convo went something like this:

Me:  Oh, so where in TN do you guys live?

Ahn-Drea:  Mississippi, actually.

Me:  Oh, cool.

Inject one funny story about kids then back to me.

Me:  So how do you like living in Alabama?

Rachel:  M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i, honey.

It was really just a test to see if they'd slip and say, "We're from Nigeria and we head up an international cyber-crime ring."  Turns out they aren't... either that or they are really good at sticking to their cover story.

At any rate, we had a blast with them.  Stacy is just about the most chill human being I've ever met, has a great sense of humor and quick smile.  Now if I could just talk him into getting a tattoo, maybe something to match his profession as a radiologist...I'm working on something Stacy, so keep an open mind!

Andrea made parenting look fun and easy.  The fun part I get, but easy part, not so much.  On the way back home Rach said, "I'd just like to be a fly on the wall at their house so we can see how she does it with 5." Count 'em people, 1-2-3-4-FIVE kids. Oh, did I mention they are planning to adopt again and they home school? Rachel and I are waiting for their parenting book to come out.  The sleep deprivation part of parenting has aged me 10 years.  Andrea looks 27.  Hey.... maybe they are Nigerian cyber-crimials after all... I think their story is beginning to fall apart!

If you're ever in Tennessee...errr...Mississippi, stop by and see them!  Or come to New Orleans where we hope to meet up with them. You can get a tattoo with Stacy and I while you're there!


    You really should have some kind of newspaper column.
    A parenting book?! Yeah..Do you think they would let me name it "Anyone can do it! Just add BENADRYL!"
    Yeah..Probably not.
    You guys aren't that far behind us. I imagine you will hit that 5-mark before it is all over with. You may even pass us up. ;)
    We have laughed about our "short little brunch"!It was sooooo much fun.I know that waitress was wondering when we were going to leave.
    Thank you for the sweet things you said, AND I would love for my dude to sport some ink...its that whole"needle thing" he's havin a problem with.:)
    Oh and while I love ANYONE who "thinks" i look 27...You might want to have those eyes checked. ;)
    I'm just sayin'.


  2. That is so funny. My husband thinks this way sometime. We were also able to meet with a family we met on line. Some of my family said "Be careful"! They were a great couple and plan to see them again. Let out JOH board know how you are doing!!!

    Michelle C, AL JOH

  3. Looks like big fun! I'd buy a copy of that parenting book as well. "Ahn-drea" and her hubby seem like the coolest parents ever.

  4. Oooh, I'm so jealous that you got to meet the Happy Hippies! I wanna go to Tennessee to visit them... or is it Alabama? Don't feel so bad... when I talked to her once on the phone I made some comment about Texas... thinking they lived in Texas.

  5. everything you said about andrea and stacy was just exactly how i expected them to be!!!! she has offered for me to send M out to her, but i said, "No, I want to be the one who gets to go to your house!!"


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