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This past Sunday, we had a bit of a rough day.  Jude was picking on Indi and being disrespectful to me.  At bedtime we had this little conversation together.

Me:  We had a hard day today, Jude.  The days go so much smoother when you are kind to your sister and respectful to me.  I love you and want to have fun with you.  I'd like you to try to have a better day tomorrow.

Jude:  I LOVE you, Mommy and I promise I will NEVER whine again!

Me:  (laugh -- I wasn't even talking about whining!) You probably will whine again, but I'll love you anyway.

Jude:  I'll love you anyway, too!

Here's another story.  Jude was pestering me to get something for him (unrelated to lunch) while I was heating up my lunch and about to eat. So after several times of him asking me repeatedly, this is what happened:

Me:  I will get it for you after lunch. I am hungry and need to eat.  I have needs, too, you know!  The world doesn't just revolve around you.

Jude:  Actually, mama, it DOES.  (giggle, giggle)

Wow, do I have my work cut out for me or what?!  :)

After that lunch I took these sweet pics of Jude:

Indi is wanting to sit on the potty, usually AFTER she's already gone in her diaper, but hey, she's starting to make the connection!  YAY!!  Here's hoping she trains early!

Jude and Indi are in a "best of friends/worst of enemies" stage.  Here is a best friends moment.  Jude asked me to take this picture.


  1. Well of COURSE life doesn't revolved around Jude! How could it when it revolves around my two little narcissits! lol = ) Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! Sarah

  2. Oh boy, do we have sooo many of those days w/ Graham. For such a little person, he sure is very BIG in his needs! heehee.
    I love when they start saying they love you when you're upset with them . . . like he can sneak out of getting in trouble. Graham does that all the time, "mom, i love you!" when i'm about to start yelling. Perfect timing! They are so much smarter than we think! :)
    p.s. have a superb Thanksgiving! And yay for Indi sitting on the potty!

  3. Are you ladies telling me there is a difference between raising boys & girls?? Yikes! Is there a handbook? A secret handshake I need to know??
    Rachel, the last time I reminded Lauren that I had needs too, she informed me that I was, "trying her patience" yeah, she does that hugging and loving thing too during testy/tense moments! :) Little stinker!
    You gotta love kids!
    Lisa C.

  4. Oh how I miss those days with my boys! crazy huh? That face. too cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. He's ADORABLE!!!!! Love those pictures. My kids get along pretty well, but seem to be bickering more and more lately. I didn't realize how much that would bother me. Not the actually bickering, but more that they wouldn't ALWAYS act like best friends.

    I'm glad I'm not the only mom who makes their kids wait when I'm eating. Sometimes, I feel guilty for that, but I try to remind myself that learning to wait is a valuable lesson.

  6. jude sounds like me...always promising i'll never whine again!!! he sure is a cutie! and hooray for indi...hope she trains early for you!!!


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