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Gus and Us

We went to our friends' wedding tonight.  Before we left we had the babysitter take a few pictures of us since we were all dressed up and fancy.  

Dan took this photo of Gus the Bus earlier in the day.


  1. Look how pretty ya'll are!
    Gus, you look pretty,too.


  2. rachel, thank you for stopping by! i love the idea of essential oils.... and i just love the dress!

  3. Rachel, you look beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful date night! And then to follow that pic with Gus the Bus! : ) My kids love the book Gus the Bus! Happy Thanksgiving friend! We will be in Austin (Cedar Park)in Dec. It would be great to meet!

  4. Very nice-you both look great!
    Love Gus's picture too! Got to love them dogs! :)

  5. Nice picture of you guys. Dates are the best! I hope you had a great time! Hope all is going well for you.

  6. wooowoooo! you guys look HOT! funny thatthe kids got their heads in teh second photo! and is that pic of gus for me????? i LOVE him!

  7. tish, kind of -- but i will try to get one of him with the kids for you! :)

  8. Loving the date night & the dress! Ooh, la, la! :) Date nights = essential ingredient to keeping lovely Mamas sane! :)
    & Gus the Bus? How did I miss this newest member of the house? I had to go back to check old posts...geez, where have I been? LOL
    LOVE HIM & Lauren commented that he could be hitched up to a sled for Christmas, Santa hat and all!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
    Lisa C.

  9. You guys are the cutest couple. :) I am lovin' Gus too. He looks so mellow.


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