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Elf Yourself

My cousin, Kayla, made this for me today!  It totally made my day!  Jude loved it, too!  I think it's especially hilarious that she included GUS!

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  1. laughing laughing laughing til my cheeks hurt!!!!!!

    you guys have some gooooood moves! the splits at the end take the cake!

    but really as i looked at the faces, i was like WOW, what a gorgeous family! even gus!

  2. i brought M by to see this and he keeps saying "more, more!"

  3. p.s.-the dress O is wearing is made by Matilda Jane. THey have a website:
    Their stuff is SOOOO cute. You have to buy through a "trunk keeper."
    I'm going to have a trunk show this spring! :) I'll let you know when i do and can send you a catalog. I can totally see Indi wearing these adorable knot dresses. they're so original!
    p.s.s. love the video of Jude singing-so sweet.

  4. Oh, I was finally able to get it going on my savvy I am not! LOL
    How hilarious & clever is that?!?
    And Tish is guys are gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas to you all!
    Lisa C.


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