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singing warms my heart

is it just me or is there nothing better than hearing your kids sing?  jude walks around the house singing a little tune quietly under his breath, just like this:

i love it.

jude and i were talking about collecting coats, blankets, and toys for a christmas drive at his school.  they really encourage the kids to give things of their own.  i told jude that some children do not have warm blankets, jackets or toys.  i asked how he felt about this and he said "mommy, this is very disappointing."  i thought that was too sweet!  i have been so impressed at how he willingly wants to give his things to help these kids.  if only we could all maintain that spirit!

i am trying to stay focused on gratitude, as indi recently infected me with the virus that causes cold sores.  around halloween, she was very sick.  the dr told us it was either hand-foot-and mouth (without sores on her hands or feet) or her first exposure to cold sores.  she had blisters in and around her mouth.  it turned out to be the latter.  she scratched my arm after her fingers were in her mouth and shared the love with me (on my arm!).  i am sooo sick:  body aches, nausea, a nasty rash which got infected so i'm now on antibiotics.  i'm just thankful it's not shingles and that it's on my arm and not on my face or especially my eye!  dan now refers to indi as "patient zero".  i guess it's a movie reference.  i am really lame when it comes to movie references.

so since we're talking cold sores, the dr told me that it's very important not to let anyone with a cold sore kiss your child, especially by the  eyes.  i guess it can lead to blindness.  scary stuff.


  1. AWWWWWW! I just want to squeeze that boy right through my screen!!! "This is very disappointing!" So heartwarming, sweet & funny all at the same time!!!!

    I LOVE hearing my kids sing. The best is when they all sing in the car, to a song they know on the radio. Love it!

    I AM SO SORRY about your infection. That is AW.FUL. Be well soon my friend, both you & little Indi!

    Love you,

    PS I am horrible with movie references too. Andy knows ALL of them.

  2. i love how his little voice is just barely audible...precious! horrible you and indi must be feeling! i hope the meds are working and that you will feel healthy soon! there is so much contagious stuff going's a wonder any of us are healthy.

  3. Rachel,
    I'm so sorry that you are ill and I'm sending huge wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for the tip about cold sores & kissing too...geez, that's scary stuff!
    Jude on vocals is soooo very sweet...what a happy & content little guy! Cute as a button too!
    And his giving spirit makes my heart should be so proud, Mama!
    Take care!!
    Lisa C.

  4. Goodness, i hope you feel better. That's no fun being sick-and it sounded like you and Indi were SO sick! :(

    K had Hand foot and mouth disease a few months ago-it was nasty-she had so many raw sores in her mouth and had little blisters on her hands and feet-crazy stuff!
    get well!


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