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Indigo's First Haircut

We took both kids in for Christmas haircuts today.  For Indigo, this was her first haircut.

Here's the before:  

She was crying because Jude got to go first and she wanted to sit in the car that he was sitting in for his hair cut.  She kept shouting "I ride!!!" through tears.

She did great during the actual haircut.  No tears.  It took both Dan and I to hold Jude's head for his haircuts at her age, so we didn't know what to expect.  We were thankful it went well and even she enjoyed it.

TA-DA!!!!!  All done.

When we got home we had another first -- we watched our first full length movie tonight as a family.  We watched The Polar Express.  I thought the film was a little intense for Jude, but when I'd check in with him while we were watching he'd say that he liked it.  After it was over, I asked if he was excited to watch it with my parents when we went home for Christmas.  He said, "No, I think it's too scary for Goo Goo and GaGa.  We better not bring it."  When I asked him what "Goo Goo" and "GaGa" would be afraid of, he started listing various parts of the movie.  Uh-oh!  I hope he doesn't have any bad dreams tonight.

Here they are watching the movie:

and here's one where you can see Jude's new haircut.


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  2. Wow. They're both growing up so fast!

    When you're up here for Christmas, we'll have to go to the fire hall so Jude and Indigo can "drive" some real fire trucks! ;)

  3. I am so proud of Indie. What a big girl.
    Jude's haircut makes him look like a big boy.
    Those car chairs are cool.

    I wonder if they have Vettes or maybe a Lotus for big people....that would be cool.


  4. What cute pictures. The one with the tear is precious. Cute new cutes!

    Go, Jude, for not being scared at the Polar Express.

  5. cute! they look so precious with their new hairdos!

    i love the top photo of indigo. she is so beautiful!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, what adorable kiddos! The haircuts look awesome and the tear shot was beyond priceless, especially knowing the "why" behind it!
    I also LOVE that Jude was trying to protect his Grand-p' sweet!
    Sounds like a sweet family day!
    P.S. We have not yet watched the Polar Express, but do love the book. Would it be a movie you would recomend? :) Thanks!

  7. Oh, i like the haircuts-especially Jude's-very cute! Yes, Graham was scared of Polar Express last year . . . but was able to watch it this year. For some reason the train on the ice scene scared him the most?!? go figure. :)

  8. Rachel, these are sweet pics, tears and all! They look just cute as can be! I wanted to call you while we were in Austin this weekend, but I got sick and we came home Sat. night. We should be going back in a month or two. I will let you know. We'd love to see you guys. It is cold here tonight (low 28 tonight) BRRR....


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