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Jude's Gift

I (Dan) finished Jude's Christmas gift, an airport, this evening. And not a minute too soon, as we leave tomorrow for WI! Here is the finished project. Wow, looks pretty simplistic in a picture... the darn thing took hours of sanding, painting and tinkering.  On the back of the control tower there is a little hand painted door, because Jude will eventually ask, "Hey Dad, how does the air traffic controller get into the tower?"

The other thing he'll ask about is where they fill up with fuel, so I had to add a little gas station pump.  The hose is the end of a black shoe lace.  When he's old he can tell his kids that Grandpa made this during the Great Depression II.


  1. way to go, dan!!! you thought of everything!

  2. Dude! You got some serious toy makin' skills!
    Rachel -check to see if has pointy ears....that runway is looking a tad too Elf-eriffic...I'm just sayin.;)

    Tell Dan-ta Claus that I want a Victorian Dollhouse with a wrap around porch and a copper roof!


  3. WOW! You guys are SOOO crafty and talanted! That is awesome!

    What a great dad!
    Nice job.
    p.s. Glad you're coming home to WI-you'll enjoy the snow-there's a ton of it and we're getting more tomorrow!
    At least here in chicago that it.

  4. That is an AWESOME gift for a little boy- you're grandkids will be playing with that some day!!! :)

  5. LOVE The Card!

    How did you get the kids to take such a great picture????!!!

    I have NEVER been that lucky..i.e. the head shots!


  6. There is nothing simplistic about that....amazing!! You did think of everything and what a lucky little boy!
    I hope your travels were safe and your holiday visits glorious!
    I can't wait to hear about their joy and delight when they opened their beautiful presents!!!
    Lisa C.

  7. RACHEL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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