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Oh Hot Pink Christmas Tree!

Ah Yule Tide.  Gotta love it.  Two weekends ago the lights went up, this weekend it was the tree.  We almost didn't put one up.  We've never really done a Christmas tree with the kids, being Christmas Scrooges as we are, and foreseeing that kids + tree would = disaster.  This year we decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it!  I am so glad we did.  So far there have been no fires, no broken branches and Jude hasn't tried to pee on the tree yet (thanks to Dan, he knows how real men take care of business when they don't want to interrupt outdoor play time with going to the bathroom in the house.)

Back to Yule Tide Joy.  The kids had so much fun decorating the tree!  The whole ordeal was actually much easier than I imagined it would be (and I was TIRED the day we tackled it!).  I unwrapped some of my old ornaments from when I was a kid for the first time and found myself getting teary-eyed.  A combination of nostalgia and spending Thanksgiving without extended family (sniff, sniff).  The kids loved hanging ornaments.  We did have one causality -- one of my favorite ornaments, too, but thankfully it was a newer ornament and not one from my childhood.  I guess that's to be expected when the kids decorate the tree!

I love how you can see the sunny Texas day though the window. 


Don't my arms look super long in this next picture?  Long like you'd see in one of those kooky circus mirrors that make your limbs look twice as long as they really are.  I guess I'm kinda gawky.  My middle school health teacher used to call me "turkey neck".  Seriously.

Jude has a little shepherd boy ornament from his great-grandmother and he thought it was very special.  He asked that I hang it toward the top of the tree so Indi wouldn't get it and shatter it.  Awwww!

We wanted to do colored lights, but I bought 200 and as it turns out that's not nearly enough (it sounded like a lot at Lowe's!).  So we have a red (read: hot pink) and white tree.  We've started a new tradition where each night before we put the kids to bed, we sit around the tree and sing a Christmas carol and then Dan or I tell a Christmas story from when we were kids.  Or at least this was the initial plan.  Jude, who's normally into stories, isn't so interested in sharing in our reminiscing of Christmases past and instead would like to hear about something more exciting... like airplanes!  We are also going to read an Advent devotion each night, but I'm waiting for my Advent devotional to arrive from Amazon.


  1. Beautiful tree! Guess what? We had to buy new outdoor lights that we use to line our sidewalk up to the front door. So Rhea goes to the Homer and comes back, puts the new multi-colored lights out, and EEK, the RED lights are P-I-N-K?

    Just the same, your tree is truly beautiful!!

  2. Your tree is beautiful & you let the kids decorate it...Sniff! Sniff!
    So whose Idea was it REALLY? Your's, Dan's, or JUDE's? ;)

    I dig the pink lights. we have them on ours. Makes me feel like I'm "sneakin' something in".


    Your not GAWKY. You look like a dancer.

  3. I'd love to see the Advent devotional book you picked! I could use something like that. I was trying to figure out how to break the Christmas story into 25 neat installments, and it just isn't working! :)

  4. Love tree and the photos. Ours goes up tomorrow, which will probably equal disaster! :-)

    Turkey Neck? How rude!

  5. Love your idea of storytime and advent devotional...which book did you get? I have one packed up somewhere in a random box that I probably won't find until July! :-) Aren't you glad you put up the tree? It looks great too! We did not do one last year because our house was for sale and we weren't spending Christmas at home just didn't feel the same though. Both of your kids look so precious decorating the tree! Isn't it priceless to see the wonder of Christmas through a child's eyes? I remember the first time CJ really seemed fascinated by it all...He was 18 months old and it was when he saw a nativity snow globe I have...he was enthralled by the glittery snow. Makes me teary-eyed thinking about it! I hope we get our tree up this week...can't wait!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh, Your tree is beautiful!! I'm glad you decided to "throw caution to the wind" this year. Christmas is so fun with kids!! Merry Christmas! Sarah

  7. Turkey neck? Say it ain't so... your TEACHER called you that??

    Anyways. I just love the pictures of the kiddos helping decorate the tree... don't you love how they hang all the ornaments in one spot??? :)


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