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Santa Claus Came to Town

We had a visit from Santa on Thursday evening.  The kids were a little nervous, but mostly excited.  We were at the table eating and we could hear him ho-ho-hoing outside.  It was quite the event!


  1. How fun! So, who was "the santa?" Good kids can't read yet-haha!

    I think my kids would be more "into" santa if he actually came to our house, instead of seeing him at the mall. :)

  2. Wow, your Santa made a house call.....that is amazing & something the kids will always remember!
    I'm smiling HUGE thinking of that....that is the stuff magic is made of!!
    Sending you warm wishes for an incredible & joyful Christmas!
    Lisa C.

  3. nicole,

    dan's colleague went around to five different houses as santa after being santa at an event for his daughter.

    he was the best santa EVER! seriously. i was soooo impressed! the jolliest laugh! had a bag of toys and everything! he was AWESOME!


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