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Indi's latest fashion accessory

check out indi's latest fashion accessory -- jude's old bike helmet.  she wears it all the time.  she cries when we take it off at bath and bedtime.  this morning, the first thing she said to me was, "mama, i want helmet!"  also notice how the poor girl wears jude's hand-me-down pajamas and we don't even bother to match the tops to the bottoms.  such is the plight of the second born child (at least at our house!).


  1. Rachel,

    Who else but Indi could make potpourri jammies and a bike helmut look so darn cute!! :)

  2. Precious! LOVE IT!

    Caleb used to wear his ALL the time.
    He was SOOOO skinny!!! It made him look like a Q-tip.
    Aw Man! Kids are funny!


  3. Isn't it funny what things kids get attached to? Very cute!

  4. she just really looks cute in ANYTHING! same with us regarding PJs...the never match and are always too small....and they aren;t even hand me downs!

    thinking of you!!!!!

  5. So funny-graham did that once, he wanted to wear his bike helmut to playgroup-very cute!
    She's so going to be a jock! haha!

  6. Hi!
    Saw your post on Leah's blog and thought I would introduce myself. I'm Erin and am a member of the Austin Ethiopia Yahoo Group along with Leah. Hope to get to meet you in the future!

  7. Hi,

    I am so happy your hearts have lead you to Ethiopia. We started the adoption process 2.5 years ago with China. Our dossier had been in China for almost 26 months. Last Nov. we started to look into other program and found Ethiopia. So many families are unhappy with the long wait for China, but for us it has been our greatest blessing. We found Ethiopia and our wonderful daughter! Nothing is by accident.
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Ethiopia adoption. I have found it to be so supportive and like a huge family.

    How far are you from Austin? We met a family from San Antonio last weekend. They are looking into Ethiopia adoption.

    I am going to add you to mr blog role, so I can follow you journey.



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