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our trip home -- part 2

One of the biggest perks for the kids about going home to visit my folks is that they live on a farm.  Jude and Indi got to go on tractor rides with "Goo Goo" (my dad).  Jude got to "help" with chores and they were able to feed the cows grain.  My mom has been working with this special cow, Roxy, so the kids could ride her.

Here are some pics of our experience on the farm.

This picture includes my sis, Emily, (known as Aunt Mi-Mi by the kids):

Jude got to hold the lead rope with GaGa (my mom).  She has celebrity status with the kids.

Feeding Roxy:

Riding Roxy in the barn:

Thank you Goo Goo and GaGa for such a fun trip!!!!


  1. fun! love the B&W photos! are you missing the cold and snow? and is that one photo really your mom? she looks so young!

  2. Oh, that is so awesome. Looks like so much fun!

  3. tish,
    yep, that's my mom. she's a total babe! :)

  4. What a magical place and visit! I love the B&W photos too! So classic and beautiful!

    Its always good to go "home" again, even if only for a short stay!
    Happy weekend!!

  5. Wow, how fun! Love the pictures.


  6. What an adorable family!!!! Andrea is my BFF, and she has told me so much about you. A had the BEST time visiting with you in November- hope that I get to meet you sometime. Happy New Year!

  7. AAAWWWW! Great Pictures.
    I feel so at home...except for the snow...DARN IT!
    Next time you go, I'm taggin'.


  8. LOL!
    I just realized QB was the comment before me!
    That crazy thing ..WHAT was she doing up @ 4 a.m.?!?!?!

    I have to go call her.
    This is FUNNY!



    You DO have to meet her! She is a kick!!

  9. Rachel,
    Hey! OK, LOVE the black and white pictures-brings such character to them!
    I want to go to your googoo and gaagaa's farm! Looks so much fun!
    AND-I LOVE Roxy!!! Want to give her hugs and kisses-love all that curly hair!
    Great pictures, and yes, your mom DOES look very young! Wowza!
    Great post!


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