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Our Small-Space Lovin' Girl

Indigo loves small spaces.  I took this video about a month ago.

The fascination continues.  Today she climbed into one of our drawers.  I quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment. Our photo shoot came to a close when she decided to stand up in the drawer!  But I waited until after I got the pictures to tell her that she is not allowed to sit in the drawers.


  1. "I'm here" "Thank you, you're welcome, Bye bye!" I love it! precious, precious memories. Hold on tight they really 'do' fly by. Thanks for the smile!

  2. So cute! I guess you have to leave some open shelf and drawer space for her to hang out in!

  3. I LOVE when she says, "I'm here"! How sweet is that? :)

    Tickled by this photo shoot....see? Who needs expensive toys, when they mostly enjoy the boxes toys arrive in and all the nooks and crannies around the house! I like that so much about kids!!

    BTW, giggling that you snagged the camera for proof & to capture the moment! BTDT! :) Plus, am I the only one scouting for good "blog" moments and materials! LOL

    Hope all is well!

  4. ack! that video made me claustrophobic! how does she fold in half like that to squeeze in there??? she is such a cutie!

  5. Very cute! Love their little voices. Isn't funny what amuses our children! Who needs toys? :)

  6. I think Indy must be doing yoga, too, if she can squeeze into places like that! She'll have become a confined space rescue technician when she gets a little older!

  7. I am not sure why they love small spaces so much. Its an adventure, I guess. She is so cute!

  8. Oh, girls. They're into EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Hey- apparently, I'm livin' with my head in a hole OR my memory is TERRIBLE (that's most likely the case), but I had no idea that you are in the Ethiopia program!!!! So........fill me in....where are you at? What does the timetable look like for you? Oh, this is SO exciting!!! :)

    We'd consider switching to Ethiopia, but I LOVE China. I have loved it since the 4th grade, so I can't abandon it. And, since falling in love with my daughter (after, you know, not wanting to have a girl), I feel so sad about all the families who are giving up their daughters....for what they are missing. It is just an issue that is so close to my heart! So, we wait. Although, we may not end up with a girl I guess.

    But......if you are looking for some really good African and African-American music, you HAVE to check out "Sweet Honey in the Rock". They a re fabulous, and their children's CDs are the best- I LOVE them. I used them a lot when I was teaching, and I also listen to them with my kids.

    There's a lot to make sure you know about when adopting from Ethiopia, huh? You not only have to teach your child about Ethiopian culture and traditions, but also the history of African-American's in America! I always focused a lot on the histroy of African-Americans in America when I was teaching (even though it was not part of the curriculum). Living here in significantly-less-than-diverse NH means we really have to TEACH kids about other cultures and races, because they don't experience them in their lives in most cases. So, I worked it in where ever I could. Anyway, all that to say, I could recommend a TON of fabulous books and stuff if you are interested.

    So, so excited for you!! :)


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