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BAM! Mini Emeril Lagasse at work

For those of you up North, it is 74 degrees and sunny today. Couldn't resist pointing that out.  

With two football games on and a few household chores to do, Rachel has been pretty ingenious at keeping the kids occupied.

Here they are set up in the kitchen with all of the necessary ingredients for make-believe cooking:

1 wooden orange
1/2 of a wooden onion
2 real limes  
1 Stainless steel whisk
1 pot
A few wooden blocks they use as spices...

...and voila:  Jude and indi whipped up dinner for us.  They each insist on wearing aprons (Jude wears the manly green one).  Three minutes and a few pictures later they were bored... and off to creating havoc in a different part of the house.

[Rachel comment:  I love this next photo of Indi... total glee!]

On another note, our good friends Chris and Dell were over this weekend for dinner and Dell (a world class pianist) sat down with Jude at the piano and they sang through at least a dozen songs.  Then Dell patiently read him bed time stories for something like 45 minutes.  

[Rachel comment: We heart Dell!]  


  1. i love the glee pic, too! why is it that it takes you more time to get out all the fun stuff for them to play with than they actually play with it?

    can dell come to our house???

  2. does dell have any music on line we can listen to?

  3. Rachel--E-mail me. I am going to an alternative medicine doc. I am on meds, but not on what the endocronologist wanted to put me on. skrobison AT sbcglobal DOT net

    love ya

    Looks like sooo much fun.

    Tell Dell is she is ready to give up her day job....I could use a NANNY!


  5. SOOOOO...I meant IF....not IS....
    It's been a LONG day ALREADY!


  6. tish,
    dell does not have music available online... yet. if/when she does, i will definitely post about it. she is A.MAZ.ING!!!!

  7. 74 degrees? Yep, I'm jealous and I actually love the snow! BUT it has been freezing this past week!

    Love the glee pic! So sweet! And the meal was inspired!!
    Hope you are well!!


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