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The Park

Today I took the kids to a local park.  It's located by Jude's school, which is a bit of a drive, so we had never been there before.

First we decided to feed the ducks.  

Jude saw this grill and didn't know what it was.  He said, "Mama, is that a special chair?"

I made a loaf of bread this week and flopped it.  I'm still not exactly sure where I went wrong, as I've made this bread recipe several times before with great results. Anyway, we decided it would make great duck food.  The ducks weren't that hungry, so when we were done feeding them, I left the loaf on a picnic table in case another mother/child wanted to feed the ducks and forgot to bring bread.  However, it was quickly feasted upon by the birds.  We got a kick out of this sight!

The kids had a great time playing on the playground equipment.  They loved riding this little horse.

I was pushing Indi on the swing and she kept requesting to go faster and faster.  It got a little too fast for her and she exclaimed, "I afraid... afraid!  I want to go to the baby slide."  So here she is on the baby slide.

The kids loved climbing and "riding" this turtle.

Next we explored this beautiful building.  I loved the architecture.

The winters here are just perfect.. a welcome reprieve from the summer's heat!


  1. looks like a lovely day! isn't it great to be outside in january? jude looks just like dan in that one photo!!!! i love all the photos...thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahhhhhh, that looks soooo great! I was with some friends today at an indoor gym lamenting that it was too cold to be playing outside. Enjoy the fine weather! Sarah = )

  3. Love the pics.
    Jude looks soooo much like Dan!
    Diggin' the picnic building.
    Looks like a great place to throw a party!

    Let's have one!


  4. Oh, the picnic area is gorgeous! The kids are gorgeous too! :)

    This time of year must be like a welcome breath of fresh air!

    P.S. Yep, just like Sarah, we've been hitting the inside gym for open gymnastics and general bedlam on the days we can't get outside! LOL

  5. I am totally ROFL about the grill comment! Beautiful crisp & clear photos! Isn't this weather just grand!!

  6. Ohhhh, how i'd love to go play outside at the park right now! It's sub zero here-yuck!
    Fun to see some outdoor pics.


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