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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Downtime.  It's a special, quiet, wonderful part of our day.  Our typical day usually consists of an active morning followed by some quiet time (downtime) after lunch while Indi naps and then the activity resumes again.

Yesterday things were different.  We went to our weekly music class, had lunch, but instead of having our usual downtime while Indi napped, Jude had a friend over to play.  They played for a couple of hours.  Then one of my friends dropped by with her 6 year old and these two played for a couple more hours.  By 4pm Jude was fried.  He was refusing to share, crying, and generally acting completely out of character.  I told him he need to spend a few minutes in his room to cool off.  When I came back he told me, "Mommy, I just want to be left alone."  Given his mood, I agreed that this was the best idea.  I listened to him read to himself quietly for awhile.  Then it became totally silent.  I went back to check on him. This is what I saw:

The kid has not taken a nap during the day for over a year!  I was pretty floored!  Confirmation that our pm downtime is still a must! 

On the subject of sleep, we've had this recurrent issue of Jude coming to sleep with us during the night.  This in and of itself would not be a problem for us EXCEPT that he kicks and thrashes in his sleep.  He doesn't notice, but it's very disruptive to Dan and me.  When I woke up yesterday, both Dan and I had had it!  I told Jude that he needed to 
A. sleep in his bed all night OR 
B. come in as quiet as a mouse and sleep on the chair in our room but that he could not sleep with us anymore because of the aforementioned kicking/punching/thrashing.  

That very afternoon we received a package in the mail from my mom.  It was a birthday gift for Jude (he'll be 4 on Saturday).  Knowing our issues of "musical beds" she had the ingenious idea of buying him a darling, cozy horse sleeping bag.  Perfect for the chair!!!!  So I let him open it early.  

When I tucked him into his bed, he agreed that if he woke during the night he would quietly bring his sleeping bag into our room and camp out on the chair.  We said our good nights. When I came back to check on him and he was gone.  He had moved to the chair in our room.  He even set up his "music box" (iPod holder) which he usually keeps in bed with him, next to the chair.

Looks pretty comfy!  We let it fly last night, but from now on we told him that he needs to fall asleep in his own bed before moving to the chair.


  1. I do believe that was the biggest smile I have had all day! He is cute! My son did that when he was 4. He had to start out in his bed and then if he woke up he could come get in his sleeping bag in our room. I laid it out every night. He rolled it up every morning+make his own bed. I'm so mean huh? None of our other kids did that, just our #1. I am glad you caught this all on film! Well, on your memory card, ha!

  2. Oh my goodness-sooo comfy-why sleep in a bed when you have all that! :)

    Gotta love it when they fall asleep on their own totally pooped!
    So cute!

  3. That has to be the grandest sleeping bag EVER! I would want to snuggle in it all day!

    Sounds like you guys came up with a great compromise and the pics. are so cute!

    Hugs and hope you get some real sleep this weekend!

  4. rest time...yes! my friend was saying that every since her first was little, her kids always and every day (except sunday) have a "quiet time" where they are in their rooms playing by themselves. for an hour! this is when she gets her cleaning and such finished. and this is in addition to nap time for the little ones. i'm thinking of doing something like that with M since he is awake soooo early and only takes an hour nap (if lucky) dinner he is fried. love the pic of him sleeping!!!


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