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Big Day for our Big Girl

Today my little (big?) Indigo went potty on the potty for the first time.  I'm not so much into pushing early training, but she was truly interested.  I was pretty shocked when she actually went! We, of course, made a big deal of it, jumping around and celebrating.  Jude didn't train until he was 3 years 4 month.  He did it on his time table, but once he was trained he never had an accident and took all of the initiative for going to the bathroom himself (without me prompting/asking/reminding).  Indi's only 21 months.  So, we'll see where this goes.

Yesterday I was changing Indi's diaper and she was having a tantrum.  She was crying and carrying on and so I decided to encourage her to change her mood, by saying, "Oh, Indigo, I know you are so sweet!"  She responded, "I not sweet!  I'm CRYING!"  

Also, yesterday I was making lunch/unloading the dishwasher with Indi velcro-ed to my leg.  I had been carrying her a lot that day. so I told her she would need to wait for me to finish what I was doing before I would hold her.  She came back to cling to me and Jude said, "Indigo, Mommy needs SPACE!"  He's got my back!


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