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Fun in the Sun

Last week, Dan was working a lot so I tried to think of ways to keep the kids preoccupied for the longest amount of time possible.  I thought this next idea was money.  I set up this snake sprinkler.  But the fun doesn't end there -- I pulled out the kids' baby slide and moved the snake's head onto a pot, creating their very own water slide.  I figured I should probably run inside and grab a book because the kids would be playing with this set up for hours.  Reality then struck -- they were entertained for probably 20 minutes... 30 max.  And this little adventure invovled quite a bit of set up time.  That means I netted about 10 minutes, most of which I spent taking these pictures.

Get ready for a whole bunch of pics of my Indigo girl.  When I have this many pics, I should probably host them somewhere else... like Flick@r.  For some reason, I can never get an account set up there.  Suggestions are welcome.  :)

I love the tree in the background of this pic.


  1. Oh, these pictures really have me craving summer, especially after the winter we've had:-). It looks like you have a great yard for kids!

  2. Oh those shots are glorious! I love that snake sprinkler....where on earth did you find it?? And I think your idea was inspired and I'm bummed it only netted 10 minutes for ya! big sigh.....and just as you said, we Mamas spend most of our downtown snapping pics., thinking up the next activity or simply in shock! LOL

    Indi is growing soooo much and so lovely!
    As for the volume of pics...I had the same thought last night, but I like to keep the slideshows for special ( i.e. LOTS of prep work....giggle...) and I can't seem to work out Flicker either.......BUT I don't mind all the pics...I love 'em!

  3. WOW! isn;t that the TRUTH? it always seems like it takes 2 or 3 times as long to set up a fun activity than the activity keeps their attention.

    that indigo is breathtaking...such a sweet face and that bathing suit is super cute! she is looking so much older in this post!!!

    hey..hope you had a great weekend and a fun night out with D!

  4. Bummer that you didn't score more time. Looks like fun to me!

  5. Cute pictures! I'm so jealous you are in's snowing here right now!

  6. can't believe you're already in swim jealous!! and, doesn't it stink when you think something is going to be super-cool for your kids and then they get bored with it so quickly?! looking for all the long-lasting fun ideas i can find!


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