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You and Me Goin' Fishin' in the Dark

It wasn't actually dark....

And we didn't catch any fish...

Did I really just quote the lyrics from a country song?!

Well, we did go fishing.  It was a family affair.  In former years, I may have been too squeamish for such things, but the whole having kids thing kinda put the kibosh on that.  

This weekend we indeed went fishing.  It was a pond, possibly a river, we're not exactly sure, but make no mistake about it, there were no fish to be seen.

Still, we made a valiant attempt.  

Jude did manage to snag a few weeds, which was about as exciting as things got!

And speaking of weeds, Ms Indigo is growing like one!  The pants she's wearing (below) were about 2 inches too long when she received them as a Christmas gift from Grandpa and Grandma S this year.  Now, they are a perfect fit.


  1. What a good mom you are!

    We have had a serious amount of crazy growth going on at our house as well!

    You long as they catch Somethin'!
    They really don't care what it is, do they??
    Looks like fun.


  3. Hi Rachel -

    Thanks for your comment today - just a note to say that somehow I missed that you were adopting TWINS!!! All this time I've been reading your blog and I don't know how that escaped me! How exciting!!

  4. shannon,
    i haven't officially published the twins news on the blog. it's kind of come out in my comments section. i just added it to our "about us" section recently. we wanted to be 100% sure before we shared the news. so, that why you weren't in the know! :)

  5. Oh Rachel, I just caught your edit in the last post...that cracked me up!! I too find that I almost always add something to my kiddos names or shortened form or hadn't even thought about it, I just do it! :)

    Sounds like it was a great adventure even if you only caught weeds...and actually, I would be a bit relieved I do believe!! :)

  6. What???? Twins??? OH MY Graciousness!!! That is incredible!!! I'm hoppin up and down here my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay...deep breath....I can wait....I really can wait for the official announcement.....NO, I can't.....I'm too excited!!!

    What a tremendous blessing for you all!!!

  7. no fish???! BUmmer! how tall is indi?

  8. tish,
    i have no idea how tall Indi is. She will turn two on the 11th and then we'll go in for her well check! I'll let you know then! :)


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