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In between Jumping Up and Down and Doing My Happy Dance...

...I thought I'd take a few moments to post that we got our IMMIGRATION APPROVAL!!!!

Now, I cannot tell a lie... this was not a surprise.  I had emailed immigration last week to touch base and they emailed me yesterday saying that we were approved and that they had mailed it!  But, I did not want to celebrate until the letter was officially in my hands!  And it is!!!!

I brought my camera to the mailbox to capture the moment, thinking the letter would most likely be there.

Jude opens the mailbox... the suspense is building.  Da Da DA!!!

Could it be?!

Party in the stroller!! Woo Hoo!

So where do we go from here? Well, we plan to get everything notarized on Monday and afterward drive to the Secretary of State's Office and get everything certified. Our dossier is then ready to be mailed to our agency, Adoption Avenues. They have to sign an agreement, have it notarized and certified at their Sec of State. Our dossier is complete.  Next, it's off to be authenticated. My understanding is that takes about 2 weeks. After that, it will finally be on its way to Ethiopia!


  1. Woohoo! Yahoo! So crazy happy for you. I am sure that envelope was a glorious sight.

    Know what's funny...there are people all over our country who RUN from letters from the INS....then they have whack jobs like us who throw parties when we get 'em.
    That is just funny to me.

    So excited for you guys!

    I am ready to get these babies home!



  3. WOO HOO!!!!! I am giddy with excitement for you!!!!! Praise God!!!! are too funny! :)

  4. PS- I got so excited about your approval I completely forgot to say that you can absolutely grab the tax credit button (it's not mine). Just click the blog button on my post, and it will take you right to where you can grab the code!

  5. Woo Hoo!!!! Congrats!!! I'm not familiar with timetables from long do you expect from now until you are matched and then travel? God is good:-).


  6. HIP HOORAY! I am so excited to follow your journey and to see how Ethiopia adoption works! I hoep the process is smooth and QUICK!

    So funny that Mama Bear is a TP expert! And any chance Dan would want to come keep Matthew while I have a girls' night out?

  7. YAY-congratulations-so many things to look forward to-the excitement of letters in the mail-approvals, referrals, updates! Have fun and try to enjoy it! :)

  8. very happy to see this update and get this news! I'm doing the happy dance with ya and I loved the stroller celebration shot! So cute!

    As for the TP...well, could it be their way of celebrating?? giggle....that is one talented bear! :)
    Yay!!!!!! Lisa

  9. thanks, all, for sharing in our joy! :)

    tami, it will probably take about a year before the babies are home with us. we should be matched around 4 months after the dossier is registered in ethiopia. the courts are closed for two months for rainy season. then the courts re-open and it seems to be taking about 4-6 months before people are traveling. but this is international adoption, so as we all know, there are no guarantees.

  10. WOW~ in TWO???!!!!!

    Do you already know who they are?

    This IS exciting;-)))))))

  11. yes, two babies -- twins! :) ethiopia has a high # of twins. we went back and forth on whether or not we were going to adopt twins/a sibling group and ultimately decided to go for it. there are a myriad of reasons but the most important are that the kids will have someone with whom they are biologically related, someone who shares their ethnicity and birth culture, and someone who has always been with them. we are excited! plus, selfishly, we have always wanted four kids! ;-)

  12. Thanks for the are truly going to be doubly blessed!!!
    Can't wait to see the cutie pies!

  13. How exciting for you all! And twins?? What a wonderful blessing! Congratulations on another step closer. (I saw your blog on facebook and had to take a peek, glad I did!) :) Hope you're doing well, your kids are SO dang cute!


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