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Easter Revisited + Spring Garden

As per the usual, the pictures that I wanted to turn out did not of the kids all dressed up for Easter. I did get this photo, however. I don't know what they were doing, other than being totally silly, but I think the caption should read:

Easter Pirates

We've had a fabulous spring here in Texas, which has given us a great opportunity to get our spring garden in order. When Dan's folks were here a couple of weeks ago, Dan and his dad built these raised beds to give us more gardening space.

So here's our entire garden. Notice the kids hugging in the bottom corner. That was totally unprompted! Awwww....

Dan and his dad planted more seeds: cucumbers, spaghetti squash, and watermelon. They also planted 5 or 6 tomato plants, 2 basil, and three peppers. Thank you, Grampy, for all of your help and hard work!!!!!

On a more random note, Ms Indigo Blue loves flowers. Flowers of all kinds. And she loves to put them behind her ear. Here she is with a newly-picked flower that she was enjoying:

And here's my sweet Jude:

Oh and one last thing. Last weekend my handy husband made these wooden blocks for the kids.


  1. A. Your Easter pirates are adorable! B. I am very jealous of all your gardening skills! and C. Your son vacuums? He is going to be a good catch someday! :)

  2. Dan is so talented-i wish my husband had some of that craftiness in him! :)

    Love that you're growing so many fruits and veggies. My daughter, O, is really into planting flowers-we have to wait another month though b/c of frost conditions-ugh! Spring and summer take forever to get here. I'm sure you don't miss that in Texas!

  3. ooooh, you are gonna have a lot of weeding to do! what a lovely garden...please keep us updated with all the dinners you make from your bountiful harvest! and i love the pic of the kids hugging!!!!

  4. That hugging shot is so precious! Your garden is cannot get better than homegrown...period!!
    They did a terrific job!
    :) Lisa

  5. Oh my gosh! I haven't looked at any blogs for almost two months and your kids look about a year older all of a sudden! Jude looks so much like his dad right?? What cutie pies! Any word on Ethiopia? Sarah = )

  6. PRECIOUS!!!!

    You have to come down here and do me one....
    well you can sit and drink coffee with me ..and Dan can do it.


  7. I'm going to try an herb garden this year for the first time.....I'm hoping it goes better than every other time I've tried to grow anything! I'm so impressed with your gardens!! :) Can't wait to see them in full bloom.

  8. Have you read Patricia Polacco's "Thundercakes" it's a great story about a little girl afraid of thunder. One of our favorites, we even made a thundercake one spring stormy day!


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