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Our Weekend in One Long Post

On Friday we had some pretty serious April showers.. or should I say April thunderstorms! The kids wanted to play "the power went out" as in, we all pretend we have no power.  So we collected all the candles in the house for our lighting.

Being it was so dark, they then went on to playing one of their favorite games:  Good Night.

Isn't it funny how when kids pretend to be sleeping, they close their eyes really tight?

Jude has it bad for all things tools.  On the weekends, Dan and Jude hang out outside together.  Dan does whatever projects he wants to do, and Jude plays with Dan's tools.  Here he is playing with Dan's sander and saw (the saw cannot be turned on without the extension cord that Dan keeps out of reach).

The kid's in heaven!!!!

So, Dan decided to make Jude some wooden shop tools.  He made him a saw with an arm that moves up and down and two sanders.

Here's Indi watching her brother be Mr Tool Man.


  1. Your husband has got to be the handiest man ever, that's awesome! That is so cute you pretended the lights went out...something fun to do in a thunderstorm!

  2. Those tools look amazing! Oscar is also obsessed with "fixing"! Love all the pretending that goes on at this age. It is so much fun!

  3. My boys love it when the power goes out! The things they come up with to occupy themselves is amazing...a definite eye opener to how many distractions we have when the powers on, if you know what I mean;-)?

    Yes, boys and power tools....I firmly believe it's in the y gene. Dan did a great job making those tools...and I love the pic if Indi 'watching' made me laugh as I thought, OK THAT must be the product of the double X...sit, watch and give direction and constructive criticism;-)???? LOL


  4. Oh my word, Dan ROCKS! Can he make some for my boys too??? They are SOOO into tools, it's not even funny! They have a bunch of plastic ones, but the wooden ones are way better!

    Love all your pics Rachel! Indi is so cute watching her brother. :)

  5. My nieces love to "play ny-night!" I'm not sure about playing the power went out...hope Sam doesn't freak out as much as the dog does.

  6. Way to go Daddy Dan! Love the tools you made. Isn't it great to watch you son want to be 'just like daddy'?


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