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wherein I admit I have recently become a TV infomercial sucker...

But, first, may I introduce the latest additions to our family -- Sushi and Soup.

Soup (Jude's fish and named by Jude) is on the left.

Sushi (Indi's fish and named by DAN -- clever, huh?!) is on the right.

I apologize for the horrible picture. My camera was just not cooperating. Now back to my infomercial confessions.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store looking for stickers for the kids and the woman who was helping me told me how Bendaroos are all the rage. We have seen the ads for Bendaroos after Dora in the morning. I am pretty strict about TV watching and we have frequent convos with our kids about how commercials are only trying to sell you things or convince you that if you only had X, you'd be happy.

So, I was talking to Jude about the dangers of commercials when the commercial for Ped*Egg came on. I gotta admit.. I was pretty mesmerized. That weekend, Dan and I were at a sporting store and there I saw it -- Ped*Egg. And I bought it... and it does not disappoint. so awesome that DAN wanted to use it. Seriously. (Disclaimer from DAN reading this over my shoulder, "Hey, wait a second, I have tattoos, drink beer and can use power tools blindfolded. People are gonna get the wrong idea!")

I also happened to see the commercial for Smooth*Away -- "discovered in Europe", "removes hair instantly". So yesterday when I saw it staring me in the face at the grocery store, I thought I should at least give it a shot. I mean, shaving is such a hassle. I always forget to do it. The other night, Dan said he was going to start calling me "Cactus", for Pete's sake!

I figured I could do Smooth*Away while I watched the kids playing, since there's no water required. It would be a win-win for everyone. Unfortunately, my dreaming ended abruptly when I got it home and tried it. I was incredibly displeased. Doesn't work well at all. At least not for me. It was so bad that Dan thought I should return it. (Second disclaimer from Dan, "Please let your blogging peeps know I had NO interest in Smooth Away...not even for for that pesky hard-to-shave place right under my nose.")

So finally, Bendaroos. Bought 'em. Tried 'em today with Jude. Initially, I found them so incredibly frustrating that they made me want to swear.. in acronyms, of course (I didn't, but i wanted to!). But then something happened and they kinda grew on me. Here's what we made. Correction: Here's what I made. The box says it's for ages 3 and up, but I think that's a bit ambitious. Jude is 4 and really good with his hands, but let's just say, I was doing most of the work.

And from now on, I will be turning the tv OFF during those 7 minutes of back-to-back commercials. (Final disclaimer from Dan: "Now hold on, the one-and-only Snuggie blanket where that lady can read a book AND stay under the blanket at the same time looks pretty cool, you have to admit...")


  1. ROFL....oh my gosh....let me catch my breath here peeps....hilarious!! Seriously post aside, you guys should host your own radio show or something. Maybe a "he said, she said" type of thing! I love it! I about fell off the chair with the cactus remark....big smile....and ya know what? Shame on that infomercial for getting a gal's hopes up, cuz shaving gets OLD every stinkin day! :) See, my danders up now...
    AND we actually used those bendie things like 3 summers ago in St. Louis on a trip at the Magic House. Do they still have that waxy feel? I always thought they would be cool as an alternative to crayons and paper at a restaurant.
    Sorry, rambling here....but you guys rock!! :) Thanks for the big laughs!
    ~hugs, laughing Lisa
    P.S. Tell Dan that Snuggie thing(looks like Monk garb) was the topic of great debate at our family Christmas this

  2. Welcome Sushi and Soup. Love the names.

    Too funny about the infomercials. Hadn't seen the Benda-whatever stuff. Looks funky, but kinda cool!

  3. Way too funny! Your like our own personal tester (where were you when I worked overnights and thought everything looked like a good idea?) :) I also have the Ped Egg and was SO suprised at how well it worked, even if it did totally make me gag the first time I opened's exactly like the commercials! EWW! :) You and your husband are way funny! And the new fish are super cute...the perfect pets!

  4. Too funny!

    I have heard good things as well about the ped-egg:-).

    I guess the 'Snuggie' has really taken off....they're even having 'snuggie parties' hit the news around here.

    I want to order the 'point and paint' kit. I have some major painting to do, and I hate taping. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to painting and I'm not good enough to paint free hand, so I spend the majority of my time with the blue stuff! By the time I'm done with a room, my motivation goes right out the window. I just may give the point and paint a try.

    Love the fish...cute names!

  5. Believe it or husband and I actually HAVE matching Snuggies. He ordered them for us for Christmas. They are really funny looking. I think Matt looks like an obscure cult leader when he wears his. I really don't wear mine (sorry honey). Matt loves informercials and his twin brother ordered the Magic Bullet after watching an informercial, so I guess it is genetic. Wierd! But I have to admit we were both excited when we saw that Mr. T has an infomercial out.

  6. Thank Goodness! I was starting to freak out!
    I could just see Indie and Jude cooking breakfast while you were watching CHER hock hair products!
    Dan called you cactus, huh?
    Tell him not to get his feelings hurt when you start pointing out saggy tattoo'd parts. ;)


  7. ps- those snuggie things freak me out..
    It's just wrong!


  8. andrea,
    totally agree on the snuggie. it reminds me of the "thneed" from The Lorax. i don't think dan actually likes it either.
    funny comment about the tat. although there is no sagging to be seen... yet. :)

  9. You are a hoot! But seriously, today I almost bought both the ped egg and the shaving thing because I had a gift card to use. Well, I didn't, but now I know to go for only the ped egg :). Oh and those bendy things - as a K and 1st grade teacher we would use those on big books or flip charts and have the kids put them around certain site words we were working on or have them locate a given letter etc. - so fun.

  10. SO FUNNY! i'm glad that at least one of your purchases was worth it! it doesn't surprise me that dan can use power tools blindfolded...doesn't surprise me at all!!!

    the play tools he made jude are awesome! you guys should make some and sell them on etsy.

    hope you are having a great week!!!!

  11. That's hysterical!

    Actually, the other night Sawyer said he really wants a snuggie. Scot and I about fell off our chairs. He thinks it's the coolest invention. Disturbing, huh?

  12. Thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to try the Ped egg, so I'm getting one this weekend!


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