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Egg Hunt

This weekend was our neighborhood Egg Hunt.

The Easter Bunny made an appearance.

There was also a petting zoo.  This was a huge hit with the kids!

Doesn't this next picture make you totally want a piglet??!!

Next it was time for the Egg Hunt!  Before the Egg Hunt, the kids stuck together. 

But once it began it was every kid for him/herself.

Indi managed to get a few eggs, but many were swiped by kids who were older and faster.  She'd reach for one and be just a little too slow.  wah wah wah  Still she made out okay.

Indigo stopped to enjoy this flower.  She is so sweet!

Still holding the flower...

When the hunt was over, she couldn't wait to see what was inside all those eggs!  I love my Indi girl!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Live animals and the Easter bunny? We are jealous. :)

  2. What a great time! I love how kids get all competitive over Easter Eggs! LOL

  3. How fun is that? The petting zoo is awesome, and yes now I do want a piglet...cute! :)

  4. I love Easter egg hunts! Those little piglets are adorable.

  5. Oh, those pictures were WONDERFUL....the sweet kiddos..the sunshine...the beautiful photo of you and Indi...even that fuzzy piglet( Lauren is in love

    What a glorious family day!
    Thanks for sharing that smile!

  6. What a beautiful day!
    Tell the little flower child that I am totally diggin' her egg collection.


  7. Oh, what fun.... I have to say when I saw the little piglet, all I could think of was..WILLLburr:-)!

  8. WILBUR- I would have taken that pig home with m! :)

    LOVE Indy's shirt- she's adorable!!! :)

  9. Love the piglets! Is your header a quote by Confuscious (spelling)?
    If not there is one very similar by him and I absolutely love it.
    If you get a chance, check out my non profit
    We need help spreading the word.

  10. your neighborhood had a petting zoo??? lucky you! looks like a fun place to live!!

  11. erica,
    yes, our header is a Confucius quote. i'll be sure to check out your website!


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