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Jude's Hair Cut -- The Story

You may have noticed from the post/photo below that Jude got an especially short hair cut.  Here's why.

After Jude played barber and cut Indigo's hair, I took away his scissors.  He had a special, kids' construction paper scissors and this is what he used to cut her hair.

We kept it in our art drawer before, which is within his reach.  I now moved it out of his reach and he can use it during arts and crafts time if he asks my permission. 

So, the kids were sitting at their little kids' table, working on arts and crafts.  Jude was coloring and cutting construction paper and Indigo was dot painting.  Meanwhile, I was about 5 feet away making a loaf of Spinach-Feta bread (based loosely on this recipe).  I love hymns and was listening to "Great is Thy Faithfulness" by Selah.  My kids were working quietly and looked so sweet.  I was in my groove baking.  The music stirred my soul and my heart was flooded with peace and joy.  I was soaking in the moment, feeling so grateful for it all. 

Then, I looked over at Jude.  

He had cut his bangs.  Not just a little trim, either.  Chopped them.  Like almost to the scalp.  My jaw dropped, there was fire in my eyes and I said, "JUDE!  What were you thinking??!!  We JUST had this discussion about cutting hair!!"

He looked at me with a mix of bewilderment and innocence and asked, "I don't understand why you're so mad, Mommy.  I didn't cut Indi's hair this time.  I cut MY hair."

Jude is all about "the rules", to the letter, and I guess I didn't make it explicitly clear that the "no cutting hair" rule applied to oneself, as well as others.  


  1. Oh Rachel.....I'm so glad I had a moment to check! You handled this so gracefully....I would have had fire and steam! LOL Well, he will probably make a fantastic attorney with such an understanding of semantics and rules! And of course he looks cute either way! :)

    What a rude awaking though from your blissed out moment! As I was reading along I forgot all about the post title I was so absorbed in your happy moment!!

    Hugs and happy weekend!! And here's to no more unexpected trims! :)

    P.S. you hit the nail right on the head on your comment to my blog...I use the computer to connect and decompress too!! :)

  2. Oh, dear. What is it about cutting hair that is SO appealing? Why doesn't anyone ever cut the dog's hair? NO....they all cut their own hair, or their sister's hair.

  3. I think cutting ones hair is like some kind of kid passage or something...has any parent not experienced this!?! His new hair looks so cute though! :)

  4. I love the picture you painted with your words....I felt like I was right there! Maybe one day he'll end up a famous hair designer????? I think it would be fair to say you've had you're fill of 'hair events':-). He looks good though:-). Sending lots of hugs!!!

  5. Uh oh! What a cute little stinker! :-)

  6. Hey, at least their even! haha! I think every child has to have at least one episode w/ the scissors and hair. G cut K's hair several months ago in the back of her head-really short! We're still growing it out-luckily it blends in w/ her dark hair! :)

    Hey-wanted to tell you we used your popsickle recipe and made homade popsicles and the kids just love them!
    And, they were easy and fun to make!
    Thanks for the idea!
    p.s. excuse my spelling-i know it's really off!


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