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The Road Trip Ends in a Crash

I like to say that painting is like a road trip.  It seems like a great idea at first, but then when you get 4 or more hours into it, you start to question why you didn't shell out the extra cash for a plane ticket.  At that point, it's too late.  There's no turning back.

Being the DIYers that we are, we thought we'd save some money and paint ourselves vs hiring a painter to do the job.  Last time we did this, I ended up stepping off the ladder into a gallon of paint.  The paint spilled everywhere and one expensive Stanley Steemer bill later things came out in a wash from a monetary perspective.

Nonetheless, we wanted to paint Jude's room ourselves.  Initially it went okay.  We hired a sitter to watch the kids and things moved along pretty quickly.  We were quite pleased with ourselves, in fact.

Jude's new room is our current guest room, which also houses all of my sewing supplies.  Dan was cleaning up the painting mess when my sewing table unexpectedly, suddenly collapsed.  The sewing table held the gallon of blue paint.  And we were left with this:

Dan texted our good friend, Chris, who replied, "Looks like the road trip ended in a crash."  Enough said.


  1. Ugg. I once walked through our whole house leaving paint footprints. Ugg.

  2. OH NO! Seriously what are the chances!?! (I like the color though!) :)

  3. Oh MAN! That looks like a painful clean-up... but the room looks great : )

  4. whoa!!!!!!!!!!! that is one blue mess! what a freak accident. i'm a DIYer, too, but i've lately been contemplating the art of hiring out! you are going to have stanley steemer on speed dial now!

    funny story about jude cutting his hair! he must have thought he did a pretty sweet job on indi!

  5. My heart did flip flops when I first read your title!

    Holy blue Batman! :) Gosh, that does not seem like a just reward for all of your hard work!

    If it helps, the blue color is fantastic on his walls!


  6. Oh NO!!!! I think I would be in tears. Definitely a crash in my book;-(. Let us know how the clean up goes.

  7. Oh my goodness- that stinks. Reeeaaalllyyy stinks. What are you going to do? Will the paint come out of the carpet?

  8. i think we will eventually need to re-carpet. the stain did not come out and it is everywhere. but our carpet *really* needed to be replaced anyway.

  9. OH NO! NOT COOL! Yikes! Where you able to clean it up?
    The room looks nice until the crash.


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