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Before going to sleep last night, I did my usual trip upstairs to turn off our hallways lights, which the kids like to have on while falling asleep.  When I came into Jude's room, his overhead light was on and I saw this:

He had fallen asleep while reading his Beginner's Bible.  I love this kids' bible.  Thank you, Jenna, for the recommendation! It was written for 4-6 year olds and the stories are told in an age appropriate way.  Jude loves reading them and every night he asks for "just one more" story.  The book is 500 pages long.  We're on page 250.  So it provides many o' nights of reading fun!  I highly recommend it!


  1. what a great book to fall asleep to! congratulations on being logged on! what awesome news...i hope your wait time is decreased...but even at 5 months, i am sure it will go quickly as you prepare for your little one! how exciting!!! one new thing i found for lunches...these individual hummus cups from costco. i give it to M with a tiny butter knife and he loves spreading it on tortillas! miss you!

  2. Oh, that is just pure sweetness....and my gosh, congrats on the dossier news...I hope the wait is less than anticipated, but I do know your patience will be rewarded in a HUGE way! But its so hard to hard, especially for the kiddos!! :)

    Thinking of you all.....

  3. I LOVE that picture- it warms this fellow bookworm's heart! I'm so glad you are enjoying the Beginner's Bible. My kids ask for "just one more" every night too! We love it!


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