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Welcoming Summer!

With temperatures reaching the mid-90s this week, I think it's safe to say that summer is officially here in central Texas.

Our pool finally reached a swimmable temp and the kids and I made popsicles to celebrate. I've posted about these before, but I'm going to do it again, because i think they are so fun -- fun to make, fun to eat! My kids love them!

We first puree a 10 oz bag of frozen fruit. To that we add 1 cup of plain yogurt, a tablespoon or two of honey, sugar, or agave nectar, and sometimes a little vanilla.  Pour them into molds (we like these) and freeze.  They'll be ready in a few hours. YUM!

I really liked this next picture for some reason -- maybe because it looks kind of vintage to me.  I also like that you can see Indi's reflection in the window behind her.  You can also see the reflection of me taking the picture.  


  1. Rachel, not sure what is more scrumptous....those yummy looking pops, the super sweet photos of Indi or those new 'do's'!! Yep, behind again, but what a treat to find all of this waiting for me!

    You ladies both look fabulous and I think both cuts suit the both of you so well! Indi's is so sassy and you look 'red hot' Mama! :)

    We will absolutely try those popsicles....right up our alley! Thank you!

    Happy Mamas day!

  2. We make homemade pops as well. The honey is a good idea.

    Bring on summer!

  3. Precious.
    My chaps love lemonade frozen in those little popsicle dillies.
    The pic does look vintage.
    I think it is the suit,too.
    Hey Get over to the HIPPY and post some of your HIPPY STUFF!!!
    You guys have to get your feet wet.
    I am off to fuss at Rebecca!


  4. oooh, i was just thinking about popsicles..thanks for posting your recipe! so liitle ones can have honey??? i wasn't sure what age. and indi looks so sweet in that bathing suit!

    you are gorgeous in red hair!!!!! funny about jude cutting indi's hair...seems like that is going around a lot lately! ramona...i used to love those books! you are such an amazing mom making all those fun treasures for your kids! did you make an apron for gus, too?

  5. OK.
    I forgot to comment on the smokin' red hair and INDIE'S INK.
    Tell Dan I said that proper, respectable, SOUTHERN BELLES get their tattoos on their butts where the preacher can't see them.;)
    It's in the code.
    And you would be GORGEOUS with purple hair...kinda hacks me off a little-really.

  6. Oh, Andrea, I think you know just what to say to make this mama's Mother's Day. YOU are absolutely gorgeous!

    As always, you are a hoot! Dan and I were both laughing about the tattoo comment.

    Dan says, "yep, that's probably true, but it does make showing your tat to your friends a bit more awkward."


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