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Holy Craft! + Our New Dos

Without further ado...

Here's Indi sporting her new do. I pulled her bangs back, which makes it less "Ramona" looking. She is also wearing the dress I just made for her based somewhat upon this patten.

Here are the projects I worked on while I was without a camera.

A dress for Indi (unfinished because it's about a year or two too big, so I'm going to save it for next summer)

A skirt for myself:

An apron for Indigo based upon this pattern:

If I did the above apron again, I would sew neck straps vs a neck loop.

An apron for Jude (he LOVES to cook with me!):

And finally pillowcases for the kids:


  1. SUPER-love the new hair for you and Indy. Seriously cute stuff!

  2. Oh my word - I was just thinking about getting into sewing. As if I have the time. But whatever. :) It just looks like SO much fun! I love the stuff you've made!! Have you thought about selling some things on your blog? I love that little dress you made, and the skirt is very cute! And I love the new haircut on you & Indi. I can relate to Jude's barbershop... Grant took scissors to Owen's hair 2 days ago and chopped a huge chunk out of his BANGS. I think the only recourse is to shave his entire head shorter, which I'm bummed out about because I was trying to grow it out long again!

  3. Holy cute haircut! It is too cute. I just love it. Love the color and the cut.

    Very impressive sewing work. I too think you should sell you wares! :-)

    Thanks for your email, I'll reply in a bit, but the answer a big YES!

  4. Loooovvvveeee your new haircut! It is tres chic! You look very hip! Wish I had your hair. Ugh. My hair is a nightmare! :)

    Indi's har looks adorable. I just had to chop Chloe's hair because 6 months ago she REALLY did a number on her hair, so it was all sorts of different lengths even after we "fixed it". So, I finally cut it into a short bob so it would al be *almost* all one length again! Hide the scissors, that was my answer! :)

  5. Very cute hair but you are both so gorgeous that you could pull off being bald!

    Wow, you are so crafty too! We will start calling you "Better than Martha!"

  6. You both look great!!!! I agree with the previous comments...I think you would look stunning in just about any hair color/style!!

    You did accomplish quite a lot while you were without a camera!! Glad it's fixed so you can share this all! Lovin all the material you chose....definitely some talent goin on there!!!

  7. LOVE the haircuts, so cute! I really like your new color too! And holy talent, the dresses and aprons are way adorable. I so wish I could sew and be crafty like that! Glad you're camera is back so you can share. :)

  8. You are SO creative girl!!! Dresses are adorable and i love the pillow cases-was that easy to make?
    It would be neat to go to the story and have the kids pick out their own material for their own pillow case!

    And of course i love your hair-wowza-what a change! Like the length as well!
    And of course Indi is adorable w/ her hair cut-great way to start off the spring and summer-stay cool!

  9. CUTE haircuts and love the dresses. I will check out those patterns. I have done pillowcases, aprons, nightgowns, jammies for the boys & Rhea, skirts for me and Rebecca, but nothing for E yet. Those dresses are adorable!! I am such a novice seamstress, but am having fun learning as I go. Thank you for the inspiration!


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