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Jude on Cheetos

My poor, deprived kids don't eat a lot of processed foods, so when I saw Jude devouring a bag of Cheetos that his dad had bought him as a treat, I decided it might be funny to ask a few questions.

Me: So Jude, whatcha eating?
J: Cheetos
Me: Hmmm, interesting. Do you know what cheetos are made from?
J: Yeah, Cheetos.
Me: But where do they come from?
J: They're carrots... but crunchier!
Me: Carrots are pretty crunchy. Do you think Cheetos are carrots? To me, they don't taste like carrots.
J: No, mom, they aren't carrots. They are made from potatoes.

This whole convo got me kinda curious. What ARE they made from?!

I looked on the ingredient list.

Me: Corn, Jude, I guess they're made from corn.
Jude: Yep, corn!

I'm still cameraless. Hope to post new pics this week.

Edited to add: I asked Jude if he wanted to help me peel carrots for dinner tonight. He said, "By carrots, do you mean Cheetos?" No, I told him, I mean carrots. "No, thanks!" he replied.


  1. Oh, if only they were made of carrots. I had have a real excuse for devouring them. We try to avoid them as well, but man are they good. In the oddly orange powdery kinda way.

  2. That would be great if Cheetos were made from carrots! :) I don't think Alexa has ever tried them, I'm sure if she did she would also want to eat an entire bag. I hope you get your camera up and working soon!

  3. My kids just experienced Cheetos for the first time too- at Gramma's house!!! The day-glo orange just doesn't scream "healthy" does it??

  4. Cheetos are like a love/hate....hate to love 'em and hate hate to let the kiddos have 'em for so many reasons! Therefore most kids crave 'em....and frankly I've helped to snarfle down a bag or two in my day! Ugh!

    Can't wait to see pics!! Our camera is not cooperating either....I can take 'em, but our 'puter' won't let me download!??? Ack!

    :) Jude is a clever little man!

  5. MY kids will take you DOWN over a bag of CHEETOS!
    What is the deal? They smell aweful and taste like salted cardboard. I do not get it.
    tell Dan I have 2 words for him...SAVING SILVERMAN.
    Tell him I think we should start a band like that.
    He can play drums. lol!


  6. OH I LOVED THIS POST! and, sad to say, i LOVE cheetos. and i am pretty happy that they are not made from carrots or else i would not love them. jude is so cute!


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