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Emotional Intelligence

Before having kids, I worked at the University of Wisconsin in Organizational Behavior.  One hot topic at the time was Daniel Goleman's work on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  The theory was that most of one's EQ develops as a child.  One way to enhance a child's EQ is to have them learn to recognize and label expressions.  For instance, you can do this by paging through a magazine and asking the child to identify the expression on the faces you see.

Inspired by this concept (and bored in the car, waiting for Dan to get something before we could leave), I started asking Jude to act out various emotions.  Here's what I got:





I found this all to be hilarious. So did Indigo


  1. Rachel,

    You can tell that he tried hard to give you all those expressions, and you can see he definitely understands them...but it's very apparent inall of them that the happiness in his heart just beams through;-).


  2. Totally cute! I love furious!

  3. you may have SAID happy, angry, etc., but I think Jude HEARD "make the cutest faces you can!" because he did. He is just priceless. What beauties your kids are. I can only imagine how perfect new baby is going to be, and how much that baby is going to compliment your wonderful family!

  4. They are both just so adorable!!

  5. jude's furious face is a crack up! and indi is just as sweet as can be! what about gus? how is his EQ? hope you are well!

  6. Oh, I'm loving all the darling faces of Jude! What a guy that he can entertain both ladies while waiting for dad!! :)

    Also LOVE the rainbow hued playdough.....I had forgotten that recipe you shared previously, so THANK YOU for reposting it!
    :) Hugs!

  7. Ok, first of all, Jude is just adorable. I told Scot he is seriously about the cutest kid ever. Secondly, that was a SUPER cool job you had. I'd love to hear all about it (wishin' I was your neighbor so we could sit out back and have tea and chat).

    Also, Sawyer LOVES this game too. I find it completely hysterical!


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