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Tribute to Gus the Bus + SeaWorld

"He's allergic to dogs?! But we have a 150 lb Great Dane!"  

That was my response to the allergist after he shared the news with me that Jude was allergic to Gus.  Jude had been having some pretty chronic sniffling, but we assumed it was from the outdoor allergens.  Central Texas is ranked something like 4th in the US as the worst place to live if you are an allergy sufferer.  Neither Dan nor I are allergic to dogs, so we were very surprised to receive this news.

We talked a lot about what to do and decided it wasn't fair to Jude to keep Gus.  Everyone has to make their own decision on this, but we felt this was best for our family.  We also decided that Gus could not go to just anyone.  He needed to go to someone very special.  Dan sent out an email to his colleagues, and, thankfully, one person quickly responded saying that he was interested and has always wanted a Great Dane.  We invited him over to meet Gus and the two bonded instantly.  He couldn't wait to bring Gus home, so we decided we would bring him to live with his new owner on Saturday of last week.  

Gus has a new (canine) BFF in his new family -- a cockerspaniel.  We are happy to report the two dogs are getting along swimmingly. 

Even though Gus will now be "rollin' like Snoop Dog" (as Dan puts it) in his new home, Saturday was a very sad day for us all.  I asked Jude what we could do to make it a happier day, and he suggested going to SeaWorld. 

It seemed like a good prescription for all of us -- to get out of the house and do something fun.  But this meant that we would be skipping Indi's nap.  She caught a little cat nap in the stroller, but it wasn't enough.  She was one groggy girl.

She was also pretty cranky and wanted me to carry her much of the time, so I walked around SeaWorld like this for awhile.

After some waterplay, she perked up and she was ready to take on SeaWorld.  

We saw Shamu, which manages to move me to tears every time.

We checked out the aquarium and spent some time watching the sharks.

Indi has it bad for horses and was so excited to see the Clydesdales.  We even got to watch one get a nose and mouth trim, which they said they do weekly.

We had a great time at SeaWorld, but it was hard to come home to an empty, quiet house.

Jude took it in stride, though.  We opened the door and he said, "Where's Gus?"  I said, "Remember, sweetie?"  He said, "Hey, this means we can leave the front door open while we unload the car because we don't have to worry about Gus getting out!"  

I guess it's good to look on the bright side.  


  1. I'm glad Gus has a great new home. Your story is one of my constant fears. Luckily Oscar isn't allergic to anything... crossing all fingers and toes with Yeabnesh. I just don't know what I would do....

    Must be so fun to be so close to Sea World!

  2. What a tough decision. Hope he gets to feeling better now.

  3. Oh gosh, that's just hard. I'm sorry that you guys had to face that....I miss our furry girl when she's at the groomers for pities sake, so I can well imagine that first time arriving home to no gleeful barks!

    BUT it sounds like he will be great hands with a doggy buddy to pal around with!

    Your photos were wonderful and it sounded like a grand way to spend a family day!

    Thinking of you all.....and hoping those sniffles are a thing of the past!!
    :) Lisa

  4. Oh no.....Tish is going to be crushed! You know, I'm not even a dog person, but I got really sad reading this post. That has to be so hard for the kids (and you, but at least you understand the bigger picture). What a hard decision to make. So sorry to hear that.

    I'm still loving your haircut- and Indi is adorable!!!


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