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Confessions of a Chuck E Cheese Convert

I didn't really used to like Chuck E Cheese.  It's just kind of overstimulating for me.  Lots of bright lights, chaos, and noise all in a confined area.  Plus it's seems so germy.  And I am not a germaphobe.  I don't carry hand sanitizer.  I don't use one of those grocery cart seat covers.

But we bribed Jude by saying that if he could sleep in his "nest" for 3 nights rather than sleeping with us, we would take him to Chuck E. Cheese.  He did and we were off to visit the mouse.

In the past, when Jude's asked to go to CEC, Dan has said that it's only for really special occasions, like birthday parties.  Jude went there for his weaning party, too.  So, when we walked in the doors, Jude said, "Wow, look at all these kids!  Can you believe they're all here for birthday or weaning parties or for staying in their nests?!"

The kids started going on rides, but then Jude introduced me to a CEC feature that I was previously unaware of -- the games!  I was hooked!

And check out my handful of tickets!


  1. LOVE IT!! That's so sweet and hiliarous!! We have "nests" here glad we are in good company!

    And you know what else? I so love that skee-ball game!! I always have to "borrow" a token from L to play! tee-hee

    Glad you guys had such fun!
    :) Hugs, Lisa

  2. How cute is Jude? That is so funny he said that!

    I JUST did a post on how we took our kids there for the first time! AND how we parents had just as much fun playing the games! LOVE skee-ball, Matt and I took turns watching kids and playing! :)

  3. Love the 'nest' analogy;-). Looks like you had some major fun at CEC. We only go there for really special occasions as well, and I have to admit....I enjoy the games almost as much as the kids;-).

    OK...the question Jude still sleeping in his nest??


  4. tami,
    good question!
    nope, he's not staying in his bed. we cannot seem to get him to sleep in his bed all night except for the short term. so we're probably going to move a mattress on the floor in our room again. oh well! it's not that big of a deal. :)

  5. I've been known to 'sneak' a CEC token or two from my kids at times as well. No shame, no shame! I give the tickets to the kids though.

    Perhaps some more bribes will get him to stay in his bed?

  6. HEY GIRL!
    Adma just rubs his hand over all of the pictures.
    YOu guys did a beautiful job.
    I love you so much for taking the time to do something like that for my little boy.
    I am looking forward to returning the favor...of course I will buy it rather than MAKE it...cause...well...I can't sew.

    Tell Dan that I love it and that I am going to try and post some pictures and an update tomorrow.

    How are things coming with your paperwork?


    let him sleep on the floor..pretty soon he will think he is too big to hang with his mom and dad..then he'll go back.

    I imagine you will have them ALL in there once you return from your adoption trip, anyway. It will save Dan the trouble of moving the mattress. ;)

  7. Oh Andrea, how i have missed you!!!! I am checking your blog regularly and can't wait to see more pics!

    And yes we did move his mattress on our bedroom floor again! We moved it this weekend -- a day or two after our CEC outing! ha!


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