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Won the Battle, Lost the War - by Dan

Three signs you're losing the sleeping war with one of your kids:

1) You are running such a huge sleep deficit that it makes the federal budget look good.

2) You search for a crib with rails so high they could contain an orangutan.

3) You move a twin mattress onto the floor of your bed because you and your spouse are tired of getting kneed, elbowed and otherwise pummeled by your 4 year old's knees and elbows when he sneaks into your bed every night.

We caved in and put this in our room... again. We'll let you know if this works. The new rule is that if when he comes down in the middle of the night, he has to crawl into his "nest" and not our bed.


  1. Our little four year old is going through the same thing. He was so good about sleeping in his own bed, and then suddenly the fear of the dark set in! Now, even with a light, he is constantly crying for us and I end up falling asleep in his bed (luckily a double). And he totally kicks me too! Good luck!

  2. and THIS ,ladies and gentlemen,is why I love DAN!

    So here is the thing....You just saved big $$$$$$ on therapy...I am talking about JUDE..not you and Rachel...YOUR still going to need it! LOL!
    If it makes you feel any better.
    Adam AND Mary have been sleeping with us...
    We look like a "Chinese" sandwich! LOL!

  3. We haven't had a sleeping problem yet, but I always thought it would be cute to have the kids sleep with us. Maybe only for fun and not when they think they have to, huh? Someday he'll be all grown up and you'll miss him sneaking in your room! :)

  4. 1. no sleep is soooo horrible! i feel for you!!!

    2. CEC convert....hahahahhaha! with all those tickets you probably got to pick a BIG a plastic CEC sheriff's badge!

    3. Gus. So sad. Totally understand, but sad. Do you think Dan's friend will take a pic now and then fro you to post for me?

    miss you!!! love you!

  5. Wish I had some words of wisdom for you...unfortunately, I don't, except to say that it will get better! Kaydee still sleeps with us but thankfully we have a huge bed and she is not a restless sleeper. CJ on the other hand, is extremely restless. We had many a sleepless nights, but thankfully, he sleeps in his own bed 98% of the time now. The other 2% usually are when he has had a bad dream or doesn't feel well. Since it happens so rarely these days, I don't mind it anymore.

    CEC convert was hilarious! I actually am not a fan either...I do tend to be a germaphobe and that place creeps me out!

    You may have a million adoption blogs that you follow but here is the blog of a couple from our church. They just got back a few days ago with their girls from Ethiopia...their story is awesome and I thought you might enjoy it!

    Take Care!


  6. shara,
    thanks for the blog link. i enjoyed reading about their journey to their daughters!

    i hope you are well! :)


  7. this is why during my pregnancy with our third child we snagged a king size bed off of craigslist! good luck!

    - Elizabeth (Heather's friend) :)


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