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This weekend, I was introduced to this free skirt pattern by Oliver + S. It's super simple, so I gave it a whirl. I made it even easier by edging with bias tape instead of ribbon.

It was so easy and fun that I decided to make another one. Since I had already done it once, this one was even easier!

Then I saw the Flickr group of others who had made this skirt and noticed that some people appliqued a T-shirt to match the skirt. I decide to do the same.

I love sewing and I am absolutely giddy over these skirts! Ah, the simple things!


  1. Seriously, way talented! And they are so cute, and the matching shirt is adoarable! You make me want to learn to sew, I love all the bright fun patterns you use on everything!!

  2. you are so very talented! oh, i just saw that everyone else said teh same thing in their comments! but you are! indi look slke she is growing!!! is she, or is her face just looking older? loved your father's day precious!!!

  3. seriously -- i am not very talented. i am a beginner and this is really easy stuff. every time i go to the sewing store i ask them a question that makes them smirk. yesterday i almost bought the wrong bobbins for my machine and had to ask for clarification on the bonding paper for the applique. they exchange glances with one another and try to hold back on the laughter.

    tish, yes, my baby IS growing up. sniff, sniff.

  4. Wow, gorgeous!! I love that you appliqued the sweet tee to match!

    I'm so impressed and Indi looks like a dream!!

  5. cute skirts and top! I wish I knew how to sew, although I don't know when I'd find the time to do it anyway. ;)

    hey, would you mind sending me your email? I have a question for you about your blog design. I'm in the process of giving mine a makeover. :)
    my email is on my blog in the margins. thanks!!!


  6. Well, since I can't even understand half the terms in your comment, I'm going with you are WAY more than a beginner!!! They are GORGEOUS! Oh, if only I could get Chloe to wear a skirt!!!

  7. You should make one for yourself too. They are super cute!

  8. Fabulous skirt & appliqued matching shirt! I'm totally jealous!!! No machine yet... sigh. One of these days, maybe. (I know where to find a great pattern - and inspiration - when I do!)



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