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The kids are moving into a whole new level of their friendship. They are able to work collaboratively together now. Indi is fully conversational and is deep into imagination, as Jude has been for some time. They engage in the most magical games! Today they created a fairly elaborate zoo together. It's always so fun to listen to them conspiring with one another. Here are a few photos of their zoo.

A couple of weeks ago I read this post on the Oliver + S blog, which discussed the reasons that one would sew in this day and age. Back when my mother was growing up, people often sewed to save money. Nowadays, sewing can be expensive. Of course, you need a machine. Then you need to buy the fabric and you need to buy the pattern. When one can buy a dress at Old Navy or Target for $10, there's not a whole lot of financial incentive to take up sewing. Usually one sews for other reasons.

Sometimes, however, sewing can be a great way to stretch a dollar. I am absolutely delighted when this happens! And this weekend, it did.

Using a Portobellopixie pattern that I already owned and some fabric that I had lying around, I made Indigo this dress:

Last month I bought two yards of 100% organic cotton french terry. Each yard was 60 inches long, so it was a lot of fabric. Using those 2 yards of fabric I made:

8 washcloths

1 skirt for myself

1 pair of lounge pants for Indigo

[Aside: I loved this idea, from Oliver + S to use a little bit of ribbon as a tag, so you can easily distinguish the back from the front of the pants.]

I still have some of the red french terry and lots of the green left! Now I just need some inspiration on what else to make! Dan said he didn't want anything made from red french terry cloth.


  1. Super cute zoo! Oscar has those blocks too and frequently makes houses for little Maisy (his lovey).

  2. OK, I wish you were my neighbor. My kids are just like Jude and Indi- they play REALLY well together and love it. I love watching what they come up with. LOVE the zoo idea. I might have to plant that thought in their heads. I think my two would LOVE it, and it is supposed to be a rainy week. Just imagine what our 4 kids could do together with a nice big backyard and some sticks! Isn't it great to have kids who still have a GREAT imagination???? I think that's part of why I'm having a panic attack about Sawyer going to full-day 1st grade: it seems like the beginning of the end to me!!! :(

    That patchwork dress is GORGEOUS- it my favorite of anything I've seen you make. I LOVE, LOVE it!!!! She's a blessed girl to have such a talented mama!!

  3. jenna,
    it would be GREAT to live closer!!! i would love it, too!

  4. I'm cracking up......I read your blog post while Chloe was sleeping and Sawyer was in "quiet time" in his room. When he emerged, he announced that he had made a "museum". So, the museum just opened up Chloe is enjoying several different exhibits including an Indiana Jones exhibit, Star Wars exhibit army men, reminded me of the zoo! :)

    Also.....would you mind sending me your e-mail address again? I think you sent it to me previously, but I totally lost asked about an update, and I do have one, but don't want to post publicly

  5. Tell Dan not to be a party pooper. I think he really needs some red terry cloth lounge wear!

  6. Oh man, Rachel...are you talented!!
    I adore the dress you made Indy!!

    I love seeing imaginations at work...your kids did a great job containing all those animals. I still say nothing beats building blocks...except maybe pool noodles... which my boys used to make a miniature golf course with last week in our back yard:-). I took pictures and your post reminded me I have to download them and post it. Definitely thinking outside the box!


  7. MINDY!!!! i can't believe you left us a comment! YAY!!! you made my day!

    dan says he has plenty of lounge wear. my favorite is his leopard print hoodie.


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