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wherein I discuss our "cookie plopper"

On Wednesday morning, I woke up early in the morning in the middle of a terrible nightmare. One of those nightmares that's so horrible it takes a moment after waking to realize it was all a dream. Then I was flooded with joy. Thank goodness it was only a dream! But I was unable to fall back asleep. So I decided to get up and... what else? Work on a sewing project of course!

I ordered a remnant pack from Sew, Mama, Sew. Basically it is 9-9.5 yards of fabric, 11-13 cuts, and you don't know what your going to get. The upside is you pay a little over $4/yard for fabrics that are usually twice that price. Also, I think it's fun to be surprised by the fabric selection and receive fabrics that I normally might not choose for myself.

Indigo and I were looking through our remnant pack and she was instantly drawn to this mushroom fabric:

She wanted me to sew her a dress made of this fabric. I didn't have quite enough fabric to sew an entire dress, so I had to add some contrasting fabric that I found in the remnant pack.

While sewing, I couldn't help but just start laughing at how "hippie" this dress was going to be. Like if I were a hippie in the 60s, and was going to Woodstock, this is the dress I would dress my daughter in. And then some other hippie would come up to me and say, "Whoa, that's one far-out dress! What's your daughter's name?" and I would respond with some really weird, hippie name like Indigo. Oh wait, that actually is her name. Anyway, the point is, this is one hippie dress!

Later in the day we made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious! I doubled the amount of chocolate chips and skipped the walnuts altogether. I'm not a big kitchen gadget person, but I love this Pampered Chef cookie scoop. My mom got it for me for Christmas one year. Jude calls it the "cookie plopper". It works great!

Then our friends Chris and Dell came over. The guys played Xbox and Dell and I chatted. Dell is beginning the third trimester of her pregnancy (their first!) and I am privileged to be her doula. So there is lots of conversation to be had about babies and childbirth. But she always takes at least a little time out to play with the kids. She is an extremely talented pianist (which is a HUGE understatement!). She is truly amazing. So she plays piano and sings with the kids. They can even make requests and she'll figure it out.

She's going to be a great mom!

The kids got out instruments of their own and together the three of them formed a band.

Can you see why they love Dell?


  1. OK this dress is PRECIOUS!!!!!
    I like all the rest, but this is my FAV.
    Love the pic of the kids in jammies!
    Sweet little monkeys.


  2. andrea,
    OF COURSE you like the dress! you're a hippie, remember?! ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh, first of all your Woodstock senerio was SO funny!! Dude! And that dress is ADORABLE!! I seriously think that it might be one of my favorites so far! You should make a couple more. :) How exciting that you get to put your doula expertise to use. Do you do this often? I remember you telling me once that you practiced to do it but I wasn't sure if you actually doulaed (is that a word?) a lot.

  4. laura,
    i did go through doula training and would like to someday do some doula work, but it just isn't meant to be right now. dan's job is pretty demanding and he wouldn't necessarily be able to cover for me if i got called away to a birth. finding reliable childcare is our #1 concern. we have no family nearby to help and you just never know how long a birth will last! i do find that people want to talk to me about birth and breastfeeding quite frequently, though and i really enjoy that.
    so, dell's birth will be my first birth. i am so excited and feel honored to be a part of it all!

  5. So when can Dell come to my house and play for us? I wish those musical evenings happened all the time.

    Sorry about the nightmare. No fun.

    Your sewing is amazing. If you ever want to make some money with it, we'd buy!

    Cookie plopper? I need one of those. Just so I could say cookie plopper over and over!

  6. Oh, I think I half love Dell too! A grown-up friend who plays with the kiddos and inspires musical play....gotta love it!

    AND they dress....oh, once again a frock of dreams! And you have the most perfect of beauties to model your works too! I loved the big bow, but I loved sweet Indi's poses even more! Just precious!

    AND we have the cookie plopper too! They make a mighty big cookies when little hands are in charge....we lika that around here! lol ;)

    Cute Woodstock story too....big smiles!
    Happy weekend! Lisa

  7. I swear, you can make any dress look Precious!


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