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Crafting with Foam

A couple of weeks ago, the amazing Rebecca wrote this post on crafting with foam.

Yesterday was another hot day here and I was trying to think of a craft to do with the kids being it was too hot to play outside. I remembered Rebecca's post and that we had some craft foam in our art closet.

The great thing about this project is that it keeps the kids busy twice -- 1. making the actual craft 2. playing with the foam in the bath tub.

We decided to make animals. I went online and googled stencil patterns. The kids chose which animals they wanted. I printed out the image of the stencils. I then taped each paper stencil to the craft foam. Here's what we made:

So, thank you, Rebecca! This was fun and the kids are already requesting more animals. Like tarantulas and dinosaurs.


  1. Tarantulas in the bathtub?!?! Scary! Looks fun.

  2. That's a good idea thanks I will try it with my little girl one day. you should check out my blog we are new to the blog world.

  3. What a fun idea! I will have to remember this when it gets cooler here and we're looking for more inside stuff to do. Kind of the opposite from you guys, huh!? :)

  4. Amazing me? Amazing you.

    Love the animals. They will be my next project. I need to try to find some good templates.

  5. Rachel,

    I always always get so many fun & wonderful ideas from you! Thank you, thank you! I hope that heat breaks, but gosh I want those ideas to keep comin! :)
    Hugs! Hope you are all well!

  6. just curious if the kids basically watched while you made the actual animals - or if there was a way for them to help. griffin gets pretty bored if his hands aren't in the project...but i love this some way, we'll make it work!

  7. shannon,

    Jude (who's 4 1/2) did try to cut out the animals, but it was too difficult for him. but they still were actively involved in the project. they would tell me what animal they wanted and then we would search for animal stencils on the internet. they would choose the stencil they liked. then, they would pick the color of foam that they wanted the animal to be. while i cut it out the template (which didn't take very long) jude and indi would cut the "scraps" left over from the foam (they love cutting anything, really!). after the animals were cut, they started playing with them. so, for our family, everyone stayed pretty thoroughly entertained the whole time.

  8. thanks for the tips! griffin does love cutting things right now too - and ainsley would be all over choosing the color (i'm sure they'd all be pink!) - so this is going to be a project on hold for a rainy day - or maybe a cold day come winter when i can throw them in the bath afterwards too to make the fun last even longer! thanks for sharing!


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